Walleye memories

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The recent cold weather in some parts of the Midwest has me thinking about warmer weather fishing, and when I do that, I think about previous fishing experiences. I recently visited a fishing message board and was impressed with how walleye fishing knowledge has evolved. Walleye anglers today, ...

Eb Griper’s marital frustrations

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Most of the booths appeared full when I walked into the coffee shop. As I searched for an open seat I was surprised to see Ebenezer Griper. Eb is an irascible old acquaintance who lives several miles out of town. On this morning he was sitting alone, reading a newspaper. “May I join you?” ...

Lawmakers’ mixed message on mandates puzzles Iowans

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I’m confused, and I have a hunch I am not the only one. Are government mandates a bad thing — or are they good? My confusion comes because I hear what leaders in the Iowa Legislature and Gov. Kim Reynolds have said for months. It certainly seems as if, to a person, they agree mandates are ...

Green favors Convention of States

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For this week’s newsletter I wanted to highlight an issue that I am passionate about and am honored to be the lead sponsor for in the Senate. The Article V Convention of States is an effort never tried before in our history. It is an avenue the founders gave us to rein in an out-of-control ...

Que sera, sera; what will be, will be

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One of the nation’s most popular recordings nearly 70 years ago was Doris Day’s “Que Sera, Sera.” The title is from the Spanish “Lo que será, será” meaning “what will be, will be.” In the lyrics a young girl asks her mother about her future and whether she will be pretty or ...

Sleep is easier these days

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A few days ago my wife woke me up. It was nearly 7:30 a.m. I have been retired for eight years and there was nothing specific that had to be done that day, but I felt a bit slothful. Sleeping in like that has never been part of my adult life… until recently. Oh, I remember being a kid and ...