Frequently asked fishing questions

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Since the 1980’s, I’ve done lots of fishing seminars at sport shows and for outdoor clubs and fishing tackle retailers. It’s been way over a year since I did my last fishing seminar. Gatherings like those got shut down in early 2020 and haven’t really started up again yet. I ...

Warmer weather fishing

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Warmer weather is here. It took a while this year, but as it always does, or at least always has done so far, the inconsistent weather of spring has been or will soon be replaced by the warmer weather of early and mid-summer. It’s going to be warm and even hot in the following weeks and ...

Rural hospitals are vital care providers and economic engines

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The nearly 1 in 5 Americans who live in rural areas rely on local hospitals and health systems as a critical – and often the only – source of care in their communities. But rural hospitals are more than just care sites. They serve a vital role for regional economies; jobs generated by ...

The capitol roundup

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Greetings friends! Now that the second funnel week is over, we voted on many more bills than we normally do to send to the governor’s desk or to the House. This week we passed out of the Senate the Life Amendment. The section reads, “To defend the dignity of all human life, and to protect ...

Church duds have changed

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The other day I was thinking about what people wear to church nowadays. After a year of online church services, some folks are probably accustomed to worshipping in pajamas… or worse! I was raised in conservative circles and in later years have been shocked a time or two at the types of ...

Need help getting food?


In the months since COVID struck, we have encountered many challenges. Iowans lost precious work hours or their job altogether. Kids were home with school closures and senior citizens became even more shut in. As the state started its economic recovery, a historic storm ripped across ...