ISU Alumni Club offers scholarships

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ISU Alumni Club offers scholarships The Iowa State University (ISU) Alumni Club of Hamilton County annually offers scholarship awards to individuals who live in or attend school in Hamilton County, and whom are planning to or currently attend school at Iowa State University. Recipients are ...

Just don’t call me late to supper

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Though it took place nearly 45 years ago, I remember it like yesterday. We were on our way home from church and our son, then about five years old, was standing up right behind our front seat (yes, this was unsafe but we didn’t know that yet) telling us about his Sunday school ...

A fan of the bizarre

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Before the Internet and search engines like Google, I spent a lot of time with reference books. I’m one of those nerds who enjoys reading encyclopedias and almanacs and love learning new (and sometimes weird) things. Here are a few of the things I have learned lately while looking for ...

Here’s another place where Iowa needs more transparency


There has been a lot of talk lately about why Iowa’s K-12 school districts need to be more transparent, and more accessible and more accountable, to parents and the rest of the tax-paying people of Iowa. That is the justification offered for a bulging backpack full of bills introduced in ...

Almost time to spring ahead again

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Are you ready for Daylight Savings Time again? We “spring ahead” at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 13. Daylight Savings Time is okay; I just hate losing that hour of sleep on March 13. I know, we’ll get the hour back on November 6 but it still messes me up for a few weeks. I’m not ready ...

Various fish through the ice

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The ice fishing season is winding down. In some parts of ice fishing territory, the season has closed for a couple species of fish. However, there are still lots of fish to chase in the remaining weeks of ice fishing. Perch, crappies, and other panfish are fair game in most places, and so are ...