If I were a carpenter

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Where we live in the western suburbs of Des Moines there is building activity in all directions. The beautiful cornfield behind our house when we moved here nearly five years ago is now a new townhouse development. Some of the units show “sold” signs before they are completed. It has ...

Fine tune for more walleyes

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Avid ice angler John Crane and I talked on the phone recently. He has been doing a lot of ice fishing in his home area of north central Minnesota and on this particular day he had been after walleyes. After my usual questions of “wadja’ catch” and “wadja catch’em on”, the ...

Centrist coalition helped pass relief bill


For months, Americans’ pleas for Congress to give us more financial help in coping with COVID-19 have fallen on political ears — much worse than merely deaf ones — in Washington. Exactly why lawmakers were unable to agree on a second CARES Act is open to debate. Republican loyalists ...

What can be said of 2020?

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It’s a brand-new year and we’re all hoping that 2021 will be a better year than 2020. The past year was rough and especially cruel. Nearly all of us have lost someone dear to the coronavirus. In coming decades people will recount tales of the pandemic to grandchildren many times over. ...

Fishing just for fishing

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It’s a new year and a new fishing season. Let’s think a bit about fishing and why we like to go fishing, through the ice or on open water. Let’s think just a bit. Not too much. Fishing is different things to different people. Some folks go fishing to catch a meal of fish. Others ...

Masks give more freedom

Letters to Editor

To the Editor: In response to the recent letter to the editor stating wearing a mask is a matter of opinion, I noticed the title “Doctor” did not precede the writer’s name. A mask is not an opinion, it is a fact based on studies done by medical professionals at the World Health ...

What’s so special about New Year’s Eve?

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For a number of years now I have not stayed up to see the New Year in. I’d rather sleep and I am led to wonder, “What’s so special about New Year’s Eve?” Oh, I didn’t start out that way. As a kid I thought it was wonderful the few times my parents let me stay up late enough to ...

Red Kettle campaign a success

Letters to Editor

To the Editor: On behalf of the Webster City Ministerial Association, I want to thank everyone who helped make our 2020 Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign a success. Volunteers from First Congregational United Church of Christ, Asbury United Methodist Church, and Trinity Lutheran Church ...

Would like to see female city manager

Letters to Editor

To the Editor: I respectfully request that the City Council of Webster City hire a female as city manager due to the fact that the last 3 city managers of Webster City were male. I believe in gender equity and hope that the City Council strives for that as well. Paul Dahl Webster City

Aggressive baits for aggressive fish

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Whether we’re ice fishing or open water fishing, it’s important to try to match our bait presentation to the attitude of the fish. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out the attitude of the fish on a particular day on the body of water that you’re on. Open water or ice, many anglers ...

My, how things can change

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Over the years I have often wondered what my grandfathers would say if they could see how the world has changed. My maternal grandfather died in 1965 and my paternal grandfather passed away in 1969. Both had seen the advent of the automobile and air travel. Both saw the beginnings of ...

Sheridan thanks community

Letters to Editor

To the Editor: I would like to publicly offer my heartfelt thanks to the citizens of Webster City for the privilege of serving as your City Manager. I would also like to thank the City staff for their hard work and dedication, it was an honor to serve with you. Jeff Sheridan Webster City

A mask is a choice

Letters to Editor

To the Editor: An American can hardly go a day without getting into a discussion about the current pandemic. Everyone knows someone who is unwilling to wear a face mask, and everyone also knows that particular someone who cannot stop harping on about their absolute necessity. I would like to ...

Iowans need Congress to invest in SNAP

Letters to Editor

To the Editor: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused childhood hunger to soar to record-level highs, with 1 in 5 children in Iowa facing hunger this year. This is more than a health crisis — it’s an economic one too. As a business owner, it’s devastating to see the impact on my industry ...

Keep moving for ice-fishing success

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As the ice on lakes and ponds gets thicker across the ice fishing belt, our ice-fishing tactics should change for more ice fishing success. Early in the year, when the ice was thin, a more stationary approach was usually more productive. Fish under thin ice can detect movement better, and ...

A scrub tree made beautiful by Christmas

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Few things in our lives are so deeply steeped in tradition as our observance of Christmas. At a very young age we become accustomed to Christmas practices which will tug at our hearts and memories for years to come. So it was in the home in which I was raised. Though our Christmases were ...

Together, we can ensure all Iowans have food this holiday season

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reside These may very well be the darkest days of my lifetime. COVID cases spiking, record unemployment and suicide, personal loss, isolation, and children not getting the full education they need to succeed. In the midst of this uncertainty, many of us are hoping the familiar comforts of ...

Ice fishing — open water similarities

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There are certainly major differences between open water fishing and ice fishing, but once we get past the obvious differences, it’s important to recognize the similarities. If we keep those similarities in mind, we will be more successful anglers on the ice or on open water. Here are some ...

Lures to catch fish

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It’s been said more than a lot of times that “fishing lures aren’t made to catch fish, they’re made to catch fishermen.” When I was first getting into the fishing business I thought that was a pretty accurate concept. I learned quickly that lures that didn’t catch fish didn’t ...

Hybrid learning from a teacher’s perspective


As of October 29, Webster City High School has finished their first quarter of Hybrid learning. Students took 3 or 4 blocked classes that were 90 minutes long. They met in person for 22 days and were at home with remote work for 22 days. We covered the same content and standards that we ...