Dating when you’re old

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My first wife, Cindy, and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in 2009 with a trip to Niagara Falls. It was an attempt to compensate for the low-budget honeymoon we experienced in 1969 when we were a pair of nearly broke newlyweds. The year 2009 was about the time that a few friends our ...

The aroma of Independence Day on the farm

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People who study those things tell us that the sense of smell is most closely related to our memory. An odor or fragrance can trigger a memory more quickly, they say, than sound, sight, touch or taste So it is with the smell of fireworks. For me, the first whiff of an exploding firecracker ...

A different kind of history book

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What’s hardbound, full of photographs and more embarrassing the older it gets? Your school yearbooks, of course. Can you believe that you ever looked like you do in your school yearbooks? Flat tops, DAs, “cat-eye” glasses, bee-hive hairdos. I came across my old high school ...

Unless you thought of it yourself

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When I was about 11 years old I subscribed to Boy’s Life magazine, the monthly magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. I was not a member of the Boy Scouts but I enjoyed the magazine. It was on the Boy’s Life humor page that I was introduced to a Tom Swifty, which Merriam-Webster defines ...