Life goes by much faster than we expect

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When I was in junior high school I enjoyed looking at the composite photos of past high school graduates from our school. The large, framed photos lined the walls of the hallway just outside our study hall; each in the order of their graduating year. I would graduate in 1966 (I hoped) and ...

4-H is about helping youths achieve


National 4-H Week, which began Sunday and concludes Saturday, is a good time to celebrate the enormous contributions 4-H makes to our community and nation. It’s hard to imagine anyone in Iowa who doesn’t know a bit about 4-H, but this week is an appropriate occasion to reflect on the ...

Taking a two-lane vacation

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For some, the joy of travel is the destination. For me, the joy of travel is the journey. So it was that Julie and I recently took off for Colorado Springs. Now, unless you don’t plan to return home you need a destination from which you can return home and our destination was a city we have ...

Fall for trophy walleyes

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I’ve had the opportunity to fish in many areas across North America, from Ontario and Manitoba in the north to Florida in the south. I’ve been able to participate in lots of memorable bites, for big fish and for numbers of fish. But when I think about it, and I think about it a lot, if the ...

Fishing in the fall

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The leaves on the trees are changing colors and the kids are back in school. The first few flocks of early migrating ducks are starting to show up. The people who hunt ducks are practicing calling and are checking their ammunition supply. And the people who like to catch lots of fish and big ...