This is what love can do.

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This is what love looks like. The blue of Sunday’s sky blessing the afternoon in vibrant contrast to the trees of Brewer Creek Park that embrace the sculpture honoring the memory of Kent Harfst. Kent, we would rather have you. But to remember you, to trigger that recall of the great ...

There is a very real privilege in serving a community.

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There is a very real privilege in serving a community. In doing good. When we bring our hearts to a task, focusing on the best intentions, we improve our lives and the lives of the people we touch. This, my friends, is a manifestation of love. But you know that. What you may not know ...

Why not share the gift of education?

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Rick Young is passionate about getting Hamilton County’s kids on the right track, right off. But he needs some help. As you may have read, the Financial Literacy Council of Greater Hamilton County, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, has in mind a task that will help kids, beginning at kindergarten age, ...

What we mean when we say post-secondary education

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I congratulate the self-starters of the world, those who have found success all by themselves, without needing anything but a minimal education and a load of chutzpah. You are an inspirational few. And I congratulate, equally, those of you whose families handed down enough to sustain you, ...

We are compelled to look back

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We are compelled to look back on this day. Mostly because it is the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 – this is being written on Sunday. But also because the world has lost its most compelling monarch, who was a bridge to a past that is setting sail with her death. Good-bye, Elizabeth ...