COUNTRY ROADS: Little pots have big ears

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In the early years of my childhood home, my parents regularly conversed in Low German as did my grandparents and many other relatives. Their Low German was from East Friesland and in that dialect it is called “plat duuts.” (Pronounced “plot doots.”) Neither of my parents spoke English ...

Jeff Gym: an oldie, but a goody

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Since I have stepped foot into the Daily Freeman-Journal office, I have been designated Wednesday as a day to type down my thoughts and convert them into newsprint. I always like to include a photo, because pictures have become my bread and butter over the course of a decade of my time in ...

Jeffery L. Hilpipre

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Jeffery L. Hilpipre, 61, passed away Wednesday, January 4th, at Van Diest Medical Center after a lengthy illness. Jeffery L. Hilpipre, the son of Glen and Patricia Hilpipre, was born on July 7, 1961, in Webster City. He was employed by Lamperts Lumber in Webster City for the past 16 ...

For Auld Lang Syne

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I can still see the cards shuffling across the table. It’s a spirited game of 500. Bowls of popcorn, a glass of Pepsi, and probably a few cans of beer complete the table. The adults at the table are waiting for Guy Lombardo to come on with "Auld Lang Syne." There are 10 kids or more tearing ...

This is what love can do.

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This is what love looks like. The blue of Sunday’s sky blessing the afternoon in vibrant contrast to the trees of Brewer Creek Park that embrace the sculpture honoring the memory of Kent Harfst. Kent, we would rather have you. But to remember you, to trigger that recall of the great ...