Phono fun all over again

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As Julie’s family opened gifts on the most recent Christmas Eve I was delighted to watch 13-year-old granddaughter, Eliza, open her gift from us. She told Julie earlier in the year that she wanted a phonograph and two long-play albums for Christmas. Though I recognize that vinyl albums have ...

Eating like a buffalo

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When my maternal grandfather came to the United States from Germany as a teenager, he brought along a treasure of adages in his native Low German. Some of those sayings are in rhyming verse; a few are a bit earthy. Most impart a gem of wisdom. Opa shared those bits of German horse sense and ...

A visit to the filling station

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If you were educated in an Iowa school system in the 1950s you undoubtedly remember those little yellow dental cards. How could you forget? Early in the school year we were given a dental card in need of our dentist’s signature confirming that our teeth were in good shape. Of course, that ...

Say no to Summit Carbon Solutions’ proposed expansion

Letters to Editor

To the editor: More Iowa landowners: Are you ready for a dangerous CO2 pipeline to go through YOUR land, through YOUR backyard, across the fenceline from YOU (your home, your school, your business, your hospital), near YOUR community? Summit Carbon Solutions is attempting to expand its ...

Cities are not prepared to replace local library boards

Letters to Editor

To the editor: Iowans before us understood why the legal liabilities and complex policies inherent to library (First Amendment) services require specific and robust management to successfully steward collections, programs, and spaces which are openly and freely used by the public. Senate ...