The Big Ol’ Country Boy’s Forecast

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In recent weeks I have overheard folks discuss the Old Farmer’s Almanac and its weather predictions for this winter. To paraphrase Rhett Butler, “I don’t give a hoot!” I don’t place much stock in long-term weather forecasts. Meteorologists of my acquaintance tell me a three-day ...

Tonight, the Lynx will ‘Blue Out’ for a fallen officer

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Tonight, the Webster City Lynx will “Blue Out” in honor of fallen Algona Police Officer Kevin Cram. This means that Lynx fans will join the ranks of the many who have risen with kindness in support of the loved ones Officer Cram’s death has left behind. At the game, which begins at 7 ...

Watson Covil was an early educator

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The other morning, my wife and I were thrilled to watch more than two dozen Doodle Bugs drive by on Ohio Street, a parade of red and white scooters piloted by folks obviously enjoying the ride. For me it was yet another example of what I love about Webster City, the variety of glimpses into the ...

Good neighbors are a treasure

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Having lived in many places over the years, I have known a lot of neighbors. Though I can remember earlier neighbors, those from when I was a pre-teen are among my favorite memories. This was in the latter half of the 1950s during the post-war baby boom. We had dozens of playmates and tons of ...

Recalling Castner and his Doodle Bug

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I admit there are times when I get a bit confused. A recent example, at least from before today, is when I first heard about Webster City being the location for Doodle Bug manufacturing in the 1940s. In my defense, most other military historians would also assume this refers to the dreaded V-1 ...

Choosing VDMC was the right decision

Letters to Editor

To the Editor: Going to the emergency room is never fun. However, nothing is worse than the experience of being a parent to a child in the emergency room. Recently, I found myself in this position in my home community of Fort Dodge. When in need of care, I took my child to UnityPoint ...