Switch gears for more fish

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From mid-summer until ice returns to the lake, pond or river, if you want to catch more fish, you need to be fishing where the predator’s food lives. The type of food varies from body of water to body of water, but the concept remains: If you want to catch gamefish, you’ve got to be fishing ...

Use caution as cyclists roll through Webster City Tuesday


Webster City is going to welcome a lot of visitors Tuesday — probably more than 15,00 people. All of those 15,000 people will be here as RAGBRAI rolls into town. While Webster City is not an overnight stop on the route, the bicyclists will be taking a break here. There will be food and ...

Information of little importance or value

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While I don’t enjoy playing most board games (bored games) I do enjoy playing Trivial Pursuit. That’s because I appreciate trivia; you know: “details, considerations or pieces of information of little importance or value.” That’s how the dictionary defines it. Sadly, my brain stores ...

Faster trolling for faster fishing action

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Fish are cold-blooded creatures. Water temperatures have an effect on their way of doing things. When the water is cold, the fish prefer a slow moving bait. Their metabolism is slower in cold water, so they don’t move as fast. When water temperatures warm up to where they are now, fish are ...

Be sure to attend the Hamilton County Fair


Times change. Even so there are a few constants in life. One is the pleasure provided by the county fairs that continue to be a highlight of summer in the Hawkeye State. For as far back as anyone who now lives in this part of Iowa can remember, these summer festivals have been ...

Iowa nice in the rest of the country

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Most Iowans pride themselves on what is often referred to as “Iowa Nice.” Since the precise meaning of this phrase is difficult to express, I will refer to Wikipedia which claims “Iowa nice is a cultural label used to describe the stereotypical attitudes and behaviors of residents ...