A challenging summer for gardeners

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A friend recently posted on Facebook, “If I love gardening so much, why am I so bad at it?” From the quite pathetic looks of my garden so far this season, she pretty much echoed my thoughts. The only redemption is that this summer I can blame at least some of the trouble on our ...

Buying stuff you don’t need just because it’s cheap

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Sixty years ago, in the days before sanitary landfills and weekly trash pick-up, my father regularly took the family’s rubbish to the county dump. My brothers and I loved to go along, but sometimes found Dad less than enthusiastic about taking us. The problem, I realize now, is that his ...

Bettering the community

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As many of you readers know, over the past six or so months, the city council has been working in overdrive to help clean up Webster City and restore some community pride. The council, city manager, city building inspector, and other city workers have been canvasing the city in hopes of ...

Harassment suit reveals outrageous behavior

Letters to Editor

To the Editor: Regarding the recent sexual harassment suit of $2.2 million against the staff of the Iowa Republican caucus, to have our Iowa state legislators allow this behavior is unbelievable and simply outrageous. Adding to the outrage is the fact that the $2.2 million will be paid ...

Heat, drought and tomato problems

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Is the heat taking a toll on your tomatoes this year? High temperatures and lack of moisture is problem being experienced by tomato growers in our area. Tomatoes are the most popularly grown garden plant; but as they are warm season plants, pollination and developing fruit are highly ...

Find the food, find the fish

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From now until the water gets hard again, if you want to be more successful in your fishing, there is one very basic thing to keep in mind: You’ve got to be fishing where your quarries’ food is. Actually, as soon as the spawn was over finding what the fish wanted to eat was a very ...