Will we see the snow soon?

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I hate to say it, but I’ve heard rumblings in the weather forecast about a small amount of distasteful precipitation headed our way. That’s right, people. Snow. It’s that four-letter word that sparks a mixture of emotions in our lovely state. I feel like people only express one of ...

The blustery night and a very good book

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The blustery conditions Monday night lead to a rather sleepless night for me. There is a large branch that hangs over the roof of our house, just above the bedroom. As the wind blew, the branch and the remaining attached crunchy leaves scraped across the shingles from bottom to top, it was ...

Fall leaf color

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Bright, sunny fall days and cooler night temperatures help trees to develop their glorious autumn leaf colors. But, if future days of fall arrive with many gray, overcast days, the leaf color in trees will not develop as well. Cooler weather of fall brings out carotenoid pigments, the ...

Autumn river walleyes

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When some anglers are putting their fishing equipment away for the season, a few in-the-know folks are getting ready for what can be some of the fastest walleye fishing of the year. The rivers that criss-cross the Midwest can provide some outstanding walleye fishing right through the fall and ...

A spring vacation in October

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Early this spring my wife and I planned a vacation trip to the South. A few weeks before we were scheduled to leave, however, Julie became ill with kidney stones which took most of the summer to resolve. Finally, earlier this month, we were able to leave on our spring vacation. Our ...

Past pianos

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This week I came across an article about pianos. Old pianos, specifically, the upright style. Like many other Baby Boomers, that was the kind of piano I grew up with—the big, solid, imposing upright that was manufactured in the early 1900s. It was taller than most of the children who ...