Takes exception to Master Matrix scoring system

To the Editor:

I take umbrage that Kent Krause thinks I’ll believe that 455 points on the Master Matrix is “well above” the 440 minimum required. 51.7 percent is not “well above” 50 percent.

Fact: The Master Matrix has 44 criteria. Meet all the requirements and you get 880 points.

Fact: Only 50 percent is required. If you got that in school or any test, you’d get a big fat failing F.

Fact: You don’t need to do even half the questons. On Duncombe’s matrix they answered 19. That’s 43 percent.

Fact: They get to pick the questions. Talk about tough.

Iowa’s hog population has increased 64 percent since 2002. Iowa leads the nation in feces generated counting all livestock. Hog manure contains nitrates. The average level of nitrate contamination in private wells doubled between 2002 and 2017. More than 12,300 Iowa wells or 22 percent had nitrate levels at or above 5 milligrams per liter, the threshold at which studies found an increased risk of cancer.

Is our love of BLT’s blinding us to the fact we’re drinking the nitrate poisoned water that can give us cancer? The Republican led legislature won’t reform the Matrix so next election, you know what to do.

David Haynes



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