Police reports

On April 29, a 2013 Ford Focus was traveling south and struck a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix from the rear. The Grand Prix was legally parked on the road with no occupants. The driver of the Ford Focus reportedly fled the scene after the Ford Focus became disabled. The Ford Focus sustained an estimated $5,000 in disabling damage. The Grand Prix sustained an estimated $3,500 in functional damage.

Mike W. Binder, Oklahoma City, OK, was traveling north near Grove Street and Cedar Street on April 28. Michel L. Worthen, Webster City, was traveling east. Worthen proceeded through an uncontrolled intersection where his vehicle was struck by Binder. The impact caused Worthen’s vehicle to spin around and end up facing west. Binder’s vehicle struck a tree after impacting Worthen. Binder’s vehicle sustained an estimated $2,000 in severe damage. Worthen’s vehicle sustained an estimated $1,000 in functional damage.

On April 24, Janelle M. Walterman, Waukee, was traveling south on Prospect Street. Stuart E. Askvig, Vincent, was traveling east on Division Street. Division Street is an east bound one-way road. Stop signs are located on Prospect Street. Division Street does not have any stop signs. As Vincent passed through Prospect Street, Walterman continued south from the stop sign. The front of Walterman’s vehicle collided with the driver’s side of Vincent’s vehicle. Walterman’s vehicle sustained an estimated $2,500 in functional damage. Vincent’s vehicle sustained an estimated $2,500 in functional damage. Walterman was cited for failure to obey a stop sign and yield the right of way.

Marlon Y. Serrano-Caceres, Webster City, was arrested on April 22 for public intoxication.


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