Police Reports

A rollover accident occurred on Monday night. Diane B. Knudsen, Webster City, was traveling west on Ohio St. A Mini Cooper was legally parked in front of 735 Ohio St. The right front of Knudsen’s Chevy Tahoe collided with the left rear of the car. Knudsen overcorrected, causing the Tahoe to roll over on its side. The Tahoe came to rest on the driver’s side. The Mini Cooper was unoccupied. There were possible injuries to Knudsen. Knudsen was reportedly unsure what happened. There were no witnesses. Speed and/or distraction were likely a factor. The Tahoe received $5,000 in disabling damage. The Mini Cooper received $5,000 in disabling damage. Knudsen was cited for failure to maintain control.

A two-vehicle accident occurred on Monday. Irma Padierna Peinado, Webster City, was reportedly backing up from a residential driveway and struck a 2010 Chevy Malibu which was parked in the same driveway. Peinado’s vehicle received an estimated $700 in minor damage. The Malibu received an estimated $700 in minor damage.

A two-vehicle accident occurred on Nov. 20 on East Second Street. Steven McFarland, Webster City, was traveling east on East Second Street and Guillermo Lopez-Capetillo of Ellsworth, was traveling west on East Second Street. McFarland reportedly lost control and swerved in front of Lopez-Capetillo. The front of Lopez-Capetillo’s vehicle collided with the passenger side of McFarland’s vehicle. McFarland reportedly fled the scene and did not return. The passenger of McFarland’s vehicle had a head injury but reportedly also left the scene without advising officers.

Police Reports

On Nov. 20, a two-vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of Division St. and Seneca St. Terry A. Johnston, Webster City, was nearly able to cross the intersection, but was struck by Lucas S.P. Wiedemeier, Webster City. Johnston reported that due to the slick road conditions he was unable to accelerate as intended. Johnston’s vehicle received an estimated $2,500 in functional damage. Wiedemeier’s vehicle received as estimated $2,000 in functional damage.

Police Reports

A two vehicle accident occurred Nov. 17. Roger A. McCutcheon, Webster City, was traveling northbound on Superior St. Kenneth H. Lake, Webster City, was traveling southbound on Superior St. McCutcheon approached the intersection of Superior and Second St. and failed to yield before making a left hand turn. The right front bumper of McCutcheon’s vehicle collided with the left front bumper of Lake’s vehicle. Both vehicles had a green light at the time of the collision. There were no injuries reported.

A warrant to arrest Douglas R. Humphrey, Fort Dodge, was served on Nov. 12.

A warrant was served to arrest Nicole L. Tonche-Rios, Webster City, on Nov. 11.

Two warrants were served on Nov. 1 to arrest Brandon M. Pelz, Webster City.

Police Reports

Dustin D. Harris, Webster City, was arrested on Nov. 19 for criminal trespassing.

A warrant was served to arrest Jeffrey S. Johnson, Webster City, on Nov. 17.

A two vehicle accident occurred on Nov. 14. Ruth J. Hinderks, Webster City, was reportedly driving south on Lynx Ave when Brett D. Olmstead, Webster City, pulled out of his parking spot and ran into the right front of Hinderks’ vehicle. Olmstead reportedly was parking on the right side of the road and noticed the car next to him when he started pulling out. There were no injuries and no citations issued.

A warrant was served to arrest Ty K. Wild, Stanhope, on Nov. 10.

A warrant was served to arrest Krystal L. Alters, Duncombe, on Nov. 10.

A warrant was served to arrest Jose E. Otero, Webster City, on Nov. 5.

Police Reports

On Saturday, a two vehicle accident occurred. Joline C. Hernandez, Eagle Grove, was backing a from a parking space and her auto struck a vehicle driven by Elisalynn Clark, Webster City. Hernadez’s vehicle received approximately $500 in damages and Clark’s auto sustained approximately $1,500 in damages. No injuries were reported.

A two vehicle accident occurred on Friday on Superior St. Lee L. Bahrnefuss, Webster City, was driving northbound on Superior St. He was reportedly switching lanes and did not see a vehicle driven by James L. Risetter. The front driver’s side of the Ford Edge collided with the front passenger side of the Town & Country. There were no injuries reported.

On Friday, Charles G. Westfall, Webster City, was driving southbound on Superior St. He reportedly saw the light change from red to green and continued to drive. He failed to notice that an auto driven by Debbie K. Berggren, Stanhope. Berggren had been stopped for the red light. The Westfall’s auto received approximately $75 in damage and Berggren’s vehicle had approximately $1,500 in damage.

David L. Koester, Webster City, was arrested on Oct. 26 and charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct.

A warrant to arrest William L. Bisher, Webster City, was served on Oct. 25.

Travis J. Peters, Webster City, was arrested on Oct. 26 and charged with driving while license revoked and failure to fil an SR-22 insurance.

Dale E. Mason, Iowa Falls, was arrested on Oct. 22 and charged with disorderly conduct.