A barber and a citizen

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With a neighborhood as large as ours, it’s not all that easy finding someone to write about. Sometimes a walk leads me to someone interesting, other walks seem to lead nowhere in particular; yet they are all enjoyable. With the wind blowing so hard this past week, my mind wandered to how ...

Tell Feenstra the people of Ukraine still need help

Letters to Editor

To the editor: As I write, it is day 776 of Russia’s war against the people of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. The Kyiv Independent reports that Ukrainian air defense units destroyed all 20 Shahed-type drones that Russia launched overnight and seaborne Ukraine forces have retaken a set ...

Raise your own food for a new perspective

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America’s eating habits have changed drastically over recent decades. The Norman Rockwell version of the family meal is increasingly rare. Beyond that, many folks have little knowledge of the origin of their food. There are millions of Americans who have never snapped a green bean, pulled a ...


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Two years ago April 1 I became interim editor of the Daily Freeman-Journal. I distinctly recall the look on Doug Getter’s face when I explained that I would step in for two months to lead the DFJ in the wake of Managing Editor Anne Blankenship’s departure for a new position with Van Diest ...

‘Mr Ely was a progressive citizen’

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It’s estimated that 45% of eligible American men served in the military during the Second World War; another 35% worked in industries directly tied to the war effort. In the Civil War, about 48% of northern men were in the Union Army and more than 90% of southern men served the ...

Useta-coulds and still cans

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A colleague at the Sioux City Journal 40 years ago was a native of Oklahoma. Our offices were adjacent and we got to know each other well. I enjoyed his Oklahoma idioms and his Okie drawl. One of his frequently used phrases was “useta-could” as in “I useta-could eat a whole bowl of okra ...