If there’s water over the road, ‘turn around, don’t drown’

— Daily Freeman-Journal photos by Anne Blankenship
The Boone River was still within its banks Thursday but was swollen from the melting snow and ice along with the additional rain received this week.
— Daily Freeman-Journal photos by Anne Blankenship
Flooding in East Twin Park Thursday afternoon

High waters threaten to cause problems across the state.

In Hamilton County, the Boone River has mostly stayed within its banks, Sheriff Doug Timmons said.

“I think the river is flowing pretty good. It’s probably bank full,” Timmons said. “Haven’t heard of any areas where its over the banks.

“We’ve had some of flooded roads last night, and I know a lot of those have gone down, but a few have water over them. People need to pay attention to their driving, and look further ahead. If there’s water on the road they need to, as the commercial says, ‘Turn around and don’t drown.'”