Urges pet owners to cleanup after their dogs

To the Editor:

This an appeal to dog owners who walk their dogs on public walks. Even more specifically for those walking along Bank Street and East Dubuque Street and between River Street and Bell Avenue, please pick up your dog’s feces and dispose of them properly. I am a dog owner and walk my boy typically twice a day. I find dog feces on the side walks and on the grounds directly adjacent to the walks very often. It is disgusting and certainly must be to non-pet owners and the property owners along those walks as well.

It is not a happy day when stepping in dog feces and the transfer of pet health problems also can occur.

Please be considerate of others and be a responsible pet owner by picking up your pet’s litter. There are inexpensive bags available for purchase at most any store selling pet supplies that work very well to pick it up and carry it back home for proper disposal. Your cooperation in keeping public walks free of dog feces will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Paul Huisman

Webster City


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