Voters, learn about candidates’ visions of the future

To the Editor:

Thanks to the Daily Freeman-Journal for providing insight into the candidates who are running for positions on the City Council. I appreciate the paper and these people for making the investment in the future of our community.

I was encouraged to see that many of the candidates mentioned our assets of people, schools, roads, recreational opportunities. One asset which was mentioned repeatedly was the city’s ownership of its own municipal electric utility. Yes, it certainly is an asset and one which we can be proud of. However, it’s also an asset that carries a certain degree of liability. Again, repeatedly, many of the candidates indicated the great importance of accountability and a thorough review of our rates. This is essential to attract and to retain people, businesses and industries.

I was equally impressed that several of the candidates indicated they would use their critical thinking skills to analyze our present system. They indicated they would work with the citizens and the council to establish responsive rates, not just rubber-stamp proposed offerings.

I welcome this new, fresh and invigorating attitude on our City Council. May this election bring our citizens out in record numbers as we do indeed decide what is best for our community.

Citizens, Webster City’s future is in your hands. Know what the candidates have as a vision for our future, how they will achieve it and vote.

Gaylord Victora

Webster City


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