Welcome, Max!

Tidbits by Tiff

Tiffany Larson

In October 2016, I shared a blog focusing on the many ways individuals can show pride in a community. My tidbits highlighted the sprinkles of pride I have had the pleasure of witnessing in Webster City and the surrounding area. Over the last two years I have encountered many more examples of community pride. For my October 2018 blog, I want to draw attention to one that transpired this past week.

Friday September 28th was Homecoming in Webster City. The festivities kicked-off on Thursday with the annual Boom Night and Coronation. Mixed into the evening were the recognition of Fall sports and athletes, skits provided by Webster City students, Hall of Fame inductions and the revealing of the custom designed mascot. I had every intention of attending , but I was feeling a bit under the weather. I am thankful for social media and our local news sources for keeping me updated from the comforts of my bed.

You see, I have been super pumped for the Homecoming festivities, especially for the big mascot reveal. I admired the class of 1993 for spear-heading a campaign to rally funds and support for an updated mascot uniform. The tremendous amount of generous donations from community members and alumni speak volumes for the amount of Lynx Pride that exists in the community. The hashtag is one hundred percent true, “oncealynxalwaysalynx”. Throughout the summer I kept track of the fundraiser. I found myself having a permanent -grin every time I read a tribute posted from a donor. During my twenty-year reunion in July, my classmates even helped donate some funds toward the cause. It was pretty amazing to hear all of the reasons why individuals were supporting the upgrade. For me, my contribution was on a personal level. Twenty years ago, I proudly wore the Lynx Mascot uniform to sporting events, both home and away. It was a shared responsibility with a fellow classmate. The uniform we dressed in was the one from 1984 , which is now on display at the Depot Museum.

I have seen and heard questions that asked why “Max” was designated as the name for the mascot. I encourage all of you to jump over to Facebook and view the video posted In the “Growing Up In Webster City: WC” group. The class of 1993 representative explains at Boom Night the reasoning prior to the big debut. The class wanted to give back to where their roots were established with a gift to the school. A gift that leaves a legacy for current students and staff, future students, as well as all alumni. They wanted a new mascot that could give an identity to a theme that represents Maximum Dedication, Maximum Power, Maximum Respect, Maximum Inclusion, Maximum Speed, Maximum Strength, Maximum PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), Maximum Student Participation, Maximum Endurance, Maximum Heart. Maximum Good Sportsmanship, Maximum Encouragement, Maximum Passion, Maximum Sound, Maximum MTXE (Mental Toughness & Extra Effort), Maximum Commitment, Maximum Power to Finish, Maximum Spirit and Lynx Pride, and more. Thus, Max was born.

Have you met “Max” yet? I haven’t personally met Max. However, I have already seen and felt school and community pride radiate off of the new face in Lynx Country. I have viewed videos of Max cheering with the cheerleaders at Boom Night, scrolled through photos of Max at the football game, and even waved to Max in the parade. My three-year-old nephew was able to meet Max during the tour of schools. As I met up with my sister and nephew to head out to the parade, my nephew talked non-stop about Max. He would clap his hands and start chanting “Go Lynx” at the same time. It was amazing to me how one short visit between Ma, students and tiny young minds could generate such lynx spirit. Whether football, volleyball, cross country, wrestling, or another sport or club, lynx pride runs deep. Max has the ability to take that pride to the next MAXIMUM level by ramping up the school and community spirit. I look forward to seeing and hearing more stories of Max making a positive impact, while building new purple and gold memories and traditions.

Welcome, Max! Thanks for representing THE LYNX!


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