WCPD is partnering with Dairy Queen for bike safety

The Webster City Police Department is partnering with the Webster City Dairy Queen this summer to promote bicycle safety.

When an officer observes a child wearing a helmet while riding their bicycle, the officer will stop and present the child with a coupon for a free ice cream treat at the Webster City Dairy Queen. “We hope that this program not only provides an incentive to be safe,” said Webster City Police Chief Shiloh Mork, “it also shows the youngsters that not all tickets are bad and interacting with the police is a positive experience.”

To put parents at ease, Mork said, “tickets” will only be issued by uniformed police officers driving fully marked police vehicles and by uniformed officers conducting foot patrols.

“We do want to let everyone know that there may be times an officer can’t stop due to responding to a call, but to keep wearing your helmet so we can ‘ticket’ you next time,” Mork said.

“The Webster City Police Department wants to express our appreciation to the Webster City Dairy Queen for partnering with us to help promote safety and everyone having a safe summer. The support of our community is greatly appreciated by everyone at the Webster City Police Department,” he said.

The WCPD-Dairy Queen bicycle safety promotion has been inactive for several years, Mork said, “and just like the annual bicycle rodeo, it is time to bring it back too.”


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