Sandbagging efforts underway

WEBSTER COUNTY — Sandbagging efforts have increased and additional roads throughout Webster County have been closed as the Des Moines River has risen to 14.75 feet as on Monday morning. The river is still expected to crest at 19.5 feet by mid-day Wednesday, the third highest in Webster County recorded history.

Sandbagging efforts are now happening at the Otho Community Center, Avenue B at M Street in Fort Dodge, the Hydro-Electric Park in Fort Dodge, and at Amigos in Fort Dodge. The Willow Ridge sandbagging location has been closed today. Able bodied volunteers are asked to help fill and place sand bags and are asked to bring gloves and shovels.

Mid-American Energy has also indicated that some areas experiencing flooding may have to have gas and electricity shut off. Residents that may be affected should receive a text message today as well as have a door tag placed. Officials with the City of Fort Dodge are also going door-to-door today in the affected areas to make sure residents are aware.

Emergency management officials are also working alongside Iowa Central Community College and La’James to set up temporary housing options for residents who may have to evacuate.

Webster County Public Health Department is also working to help residents who may have special needs.

Webster County Emergency Management Director Dylan Hagen continues to stress the importance of residents and children staying away from the river, including swimming, kayaking, and boating. In fact, staff noted people in the river earlier today.

“We are working to barricade all waterway access points and roads that are of concern,” EMA Director Dylan Hagen said. “We cannot stress enough how important it is that people avoid getting anywhere near the water during this time. Efforts need to remain focused on prevention and preparation rather than rescue.”

High alert areas and road closures (as of noon Monday) are as follows:

Riverside Drive near Humboldt County — ROAD CLOSED

Breen Addition

Madison Avenue near 170th Street — ROAD CLOSED

Riverdale Drive — ROAD CLOSED

Scenic Drive

1st Street NW, Fort Dodge — PENDING CLOSURE

2nd Street NW, Fort Dodge — PENDING CLOSURE


Phinney Park, Fort Dodge

East Riverside Drive, Fort Dodge — ROAD CLOSED

Avenue B, Fort Dodge — ROAD CLOSED

South River Road — ROAD CLOSED

Riverside Trail — ROAD CLOSED

Dolliver Park — ROAD CLOSED

River Street, Lehigh

East Main Street, Lehigh

Pleasant Street, Lehigh

Deception Hollow/Maguire Bend Road — ROAD CLOSED

Xavier Avenue — ROAD CLOSED

River Road — ROAD CLOSED

P73/Samson Ave — ROAD CLOSED

Meriwether Dr — ROAD CLOSED




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