City issues reminder for home projects

Here is an important considerations to keep in mind during this busy season:

— The City of Webster City has an Encroachment Policy for the planting of trees and flowers in the City right-of-way. It also covers anything that someone may want to place in the City’s right-of-way such as flower pots, table and chairs, mailboxes, etc. In most cases, the right-of-way area is between the curb and the furthest edge of the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, the right-of-way can be defined by calling the Inspection Department. The right-of-way can vary from street to street (i.e. Beach Street – 17.5 ft., Southfield Drive – 9.5 ft.). If you live on a corner lot, corner visual clearance regulations must be observed. A permit is required. Please call the Inspection Department at 515-832-9151 before placing anything in the City’s right-of-way.


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