The queens of 6 on 6 will gather in Webster City

Event honoring beloved form of women's basketball is on Wednesday at Fuller Hall

Converse hightops were the Nike of the day back in the era of 6 on 6 women's basketball.

Women who played 6 on 6 basketball are invited to a gathering at Fuller Hall Recreation Center in Webster City on Wednesday, April 10.

This free event will be from 1 to 3 p.m.

It is open to not only former players, but also to anyone who was associated with 6 on 6 basketball as team managers, referees, cheerleaders, coaches and statisticians from any town and any year, according to Jean Eells, one of the organizers.

“Bring memorabilia, yearbooks, news clippings or other items that tell your story of being involved in 6 on 6 basketball,” Eells said.

“There will be plenty of basketballs to handle and hold regardless of your mobility, though it won’t be an organized game.

“It’s fun to just have a basketball in your hands again,” she said. “It’s kind of amazing how just handling the basketball brings back memories long forgotten!”

Fuller Hall, 625 Bank Street, Webster City, is handicap accessible and has an elevator to help participants get to the gym floor level, Eells said.

No reservations are needed for the event.

“With all the attention finally being paid to women’s college basketball, maybe it’s time to celebrate those of us who literally carried the ball for girls’ sports,” she said.

“We invite you to attend for as long as you’re able and enjoy visiting with others who remember the rules of passing and dribbling that you no longer see today.”


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