Hydrogen search underway near Vincent

VINCENT — A couple of miles northeast of Vincent, at the edge of a field, is a spot where a company is drilling deep into the ground in search of hydrogen gas.

The drilling site is at the intersection of 110th Street and Washington Avenue. Anyone driving by will notice some big red metal boxes and the top end of a drill protruding from the ground.

“They’re going way down there, man, several thousands of feet,” said Jeff Johnson, Webster County’s planning and zoning administrator.

Daphne Willerth, a Vincent area resident who talked to the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday about the drilling, said it was being done by a company she identified only as Twin Rivers. According to Willerth, Twin Rivers representatives have told area residents that if hydrogen is found, it will be pumped out of the ground and shipped elsewhere in tanker trucks.

She also said that water is being trucked from Fort Dodge to help with the process.

There was no activity at the drilling site Wednesday. Johnson said there was drilling activity last summer which concluded for the year in the fall.

He said the drilling is an allowable use in the area, which is zoned for agricultural purposes. There are no rules against the drilling, he said.

“It truly is a private matter,” he said. “If they knock on your door, you can tell them you don’t want them on your land.”


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