Trail cam sighting of mountain lion near KY Park is confirmed

The image of a mountain lion caught by a private trail camera on property near Kendall Young Park has been confirmed.

It has not been disclosed on whose property the image was taken.

If you are visiting the park, which is in the northern outskirts of Webster City, and you encounter a mountain lion, there are recommended actions to take to ensure your safety.

Here’s what the Iowa Department of Natural Resources recommends:

1. Don’t run. Running will stimulate certain animals to chase you.

2. Stand tall, look big, puff up, and lift your coat over your shoulders.

3. Take control of the situation. Scream loudly, throw objects.

4. Gather children in close and slowly back away keeping your eye of the animal.

5. If attacked, fight back vigorously with sharp objects and poke the eyes of the animal.

Report any sighting to the authorities as soon as possible. In Webster City, that would be the police department. The number there is 515-832-9166.

Outside of Webster City, you can contact the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office at 515-832-9500 during business hours.

The Iowa DNR also has interest in learning of any confirmed mountain lion sightings. Go to www.iowadnr.gov for more information.


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