School board elects new officers

Yearbook awards revealed

Beth Van Diest was re-elected as president of the Webster City Board of Education Monday night during the board’s regular session.

Eric Patterson was elected vice president, and he and Van Diest were given the oath of office by Kathy Biere, school board secretary.

Also during the meeting, the board established the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 6 p.m. as the dates and times of regular meetings. The Daily Freeman-Journal was named as the official publication for the district and Ahlers Law Firm will again serve as the district’s legal counsel, following action Monday night.

Michelle Veldhuisen, high school year book advisor, and staff members Erin Bailey and Leah Kasch told the board about several awards her yearbook staff had won for their work on The Torch.

Veldhuisen said that last year there were 13 students and one advisor. There are eight students who have returned to the staff this year and 12 new student.

“Last year, as you recall, we met daily for 43 minutes through mid-March and then after we shut down, these girls and I worked tirelessly through July 4 so we could include graduation and get the yearbook turned in on time,” Veldhuisen said.

She said the yearbook staff had received the Walsworth Gallery of Excellence Award. This marks the third time in five years the group has received the award. The selection is based on the quality of the theme, coverage, photography and copy. Portions of the Webster City yearbook have been shared on the Walsworth website as examples to other yearbool staffs, according to student and yearbook staff member.

The book won a total of 20 awards, Bailey said, with each student receiving recognition their work on various spreads.

The yearbook also won Newberg Award, which recogcognizes yearbooks that execute solid journalistic, photographpic and design principles.

“It’s the first time Webster City has won the award,” Veldhuisen said.

The board memebers and Superintendent Dr. Mandy Ross congratulated Veldhuisen and her staff on the accomplishments.

“We’re extremely proud of the work you’ve done and the quality of last year’s yearbook,” said Ross. “The fact that you were able to accomplish so much in a year with so many challenges, I’m really proud of the innovation you took upon yourselves to accomplish all you did.

“You’ve earned that recognition,” Ross said.


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