Despite statewide reporting woes, local precinct leaders say the process ‘went very well’

Campaign representatives try to persuade an uncommitted caucus-goer at the Democratic Caucus held at Sunset Heights Elementary School on Monday, February 3, 2020 in Webster City, Iowa.

While precinct officials across the state experienced technical issues with the Iowa Democratic Party’s caucus reporting app, two Hamilton County officials said the caucus process in Webster City ran smoothly.

Doug Bailey, who served as chairman for the Webster City Third Precinct, said he didn’t experience any problems with the reporting app.

“Our data went right through,” he said. He and Cathy Dingman, precinct secretary, were responsible for transmitting the results for the precinct. He said there was a concern that a photo document had not been transmitted properly, but a response from state officials assured him that all data had been received.

“I felt good about the reporting. And no one reached back to us to indicate there were any problems,” Bailey said.

Bailey said, overall, the caucus experience Monday night was “a good one.” There were 62 people in attendance, a smaller crowd than four years ago, he said.

“Four years ago, it was a bit more chaotic, as I recall,” Bailey said.

Janet Adams headed up the Webster City Precinct Two caucus site at Trinity Lutheran Church in Webster City. She said there were 117 in attendance with 40 newly registered voters.

“The evening went very well. We followed the rules and there were no problems,” she said. “Our data went through on the app with no problems.”

Adams said the local precinct officials were well-prepared for the process, with each taking several hours of training.

“In the end, there was no division in the room. We had many cooperative efforts,” she said.

The Hamilton County results in terms of State Delegate Equivalents are as follows:

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: 2.70; Vice President Joe Biden: 1.90; Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 1.70; Sen. Bernie Sanders, 1.50; and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, 1.20.