In Hamilton County, 16.74 percent of registered voters turn out to elect city officials

Hamilton County voters turned out to cast ballots in Iowa’s combined city-school election Tuesday.

This is the first time Iowa’s city and school elections were combined. Traditionally, school elections took place in September and city elections in November. Across the state of Iowa there were 5,445 candidates on the ballots, running for 4,920 seats. There were 149 public measures on the ballot as well.

In Hamilton County, a total of 1,708 ballots were cast, or 16.74 percent of the registered voters.

Voters decided several contested city council and mayoral races across Hamilton County in Tuesday’s city council and school board election.


In Jewell, three candidates were on the ballot for the office of Mayor. Leo J. Reiter was the winner and garnered 114 votes. Mickey Walker received 87 votes and Kyle Miller had 8.

Three candidates also were on the ballot for an at-large council seat. Voters were asked to select two from the field of Chris Roethler, Scott Rohloff and Susan Cooke Lorenzen. Elected to the seats were Roethler with136 votes and Cooke Lorenzen with 123. Robloff had 94 votes. Loyal T. Winborn was elected to fill a vacancy in an at-large council seat with 183 votes.


In Ellsworth, Gregory S. Campbell ran unopposed for the office of mayor. He received 72 votes. Five candidates were on the ballot for three at-large council seats — Stephen M. Holt, Kalib King, Kenneth W. Weise, Marvin Keith Norem, and Marcella D. Olson. The candidates winning seats were: Weise with 54 votes, King with 49 and Norem with 45. Olson received 41 votes and Holt garnered 25.


Stanhope also had five candidates vying for three at-large council seats. The three elected were Jeff Schroeder with 51 votes, Beau Jensen, 57 and Vickie Anderson had 55 votes. Kelly J. Wirtz received 45 votes and Benjamin Hayes earned 35.

Harold Hove was unopposed for the office of Stanhope mayor and received 65 votes.


Voters in Stratford selected two at-large council members from a field of three candidates. On the ballot were Terry W. Bryan Jr., Curt Bergman and Justin Richardson. Bergman received 54 votes and Richardson had 48 votes to win the seats. Bryan Jr. had 23 votes.


Blairsburg voters returned Troy Hassebrock to the office of mayor with 58 votes. He was unopposed.

Four candidates sought the three at-large council seats. Shirley Nelson received the most votes with 54, while Vicki Jean Sturtevant received 49 votes and Marlin Pruismann received 44 votes. Keith Halleland received 33 votes. Pruismann was also elected to the Webster City school board Tuesday night,


Williams voters elected two at-large council members. Two candidates were on the ballot: Dean Ziesness received 25 votes while incumbent Corey Hassebrock received 39. Jessi Hiemstra, running unopposed, was re-elected mayor with 40.

Webster City

Incumbent Brian Miller and Katelin Hartmann were both elected to two seats on the City Council of Webster City with 637 and 582 votes, respectively.


Jeanette Tempel was re-elected mayor in Kamrar with 9 votes. Amy Pigsley and Jason Moon were elected to the Kamrar City Council. Each received 9 votes.


In Randall, Gregg Wright was elected mayor with 16 votes, and Cindy Stull, 13 votes, and Carlene Auestad, 14 votes, were elected to city council. Eight write-in votes were received to fill a vacancy on the council.

Webster City boards

John Van Diest was elected to the Fuller Hall Trustees with 724 votes.

Gayette Grimm and Heidi Barrick will serve on the Kendall Young Library Board for terms to run Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2024. They received 567 and 691 votes respectively. Steven Vande Zande received 741 votes and was elected to a term on the Kendall Young Library board to run from Jan. 1, 2021 to Dec. 31, 2025.


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