WCCT to stage ‘The Trouble with Cats’

Tickets for play on sale Feb. 1

— Photo courtesy of Webster City Community Theatre Members of the cast of WCCT’s “The Trouble With Cats” include, front row from the left, Al Yungclas, Sunshine Garth, Sylvia Vust, Kaitlyn Seeley and Jake Lahr; back row, Dean Evans, Jeff Pingel, Linda Thomas and Brian Borkowski. Cast members not pictured include Nichole Ose, Christine Hassebrock and Cathy Olson.

Webster City Community Theatre will explore “The Trouble with Cats,” the next production for the theater group.

Directed by Angela Rottering, the production will run Feb. 8, 9, 15 and 16 at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 10 and 17 at 2 p.m. Tickets for the production are $12 and go on sale Feb. 1 at the box office. Call 832-4456, stop by the box office at 1001 Willson Ave., Webster City, or order online at wcctboxoffice@gmail.com.

Here’s the story: An experienced house-sitting couple get more than they bargain for when a Minnesota homeowner intentionally double-books her lakefront domicile through HouseSitters.com in order to ensure she can get away from it all for an entire month.

But when the second house-sitting couple arrive, there is an immediate clash of generations.

In one corner, there are the upper middle-class and socially-skilled Julians from New Jersey.

In the other corner are the anti-materialist and free-spirited vegans from North Carolina who have decided they don’t even need a last name.

Personalities collide.

If that weren’t enough, the Julians get another surprise: the master suite is in the midst of being remodeled by the Cheshires, a trio of sisters. Two of them are skilled laborers with personal problems. The third is a chocoholic ditz.

Without a head of household, there is little rest or relaxation for anyone.

Except for maybe the cat.

If only the housesitters could find the elusive little creature.

Cast members

• JoAnna Birman — Christine Hassebrock of Williams, a Minnesota homeowner anxious to be away from home

• Ivy Julian — Cathy Olson of Webster City, a housewife and housesitter from New Jersey, diplomatic and a consummate hostess

• Phillip Julian — Dean Evans of Alden, Ivy’s husband, who is self-centered and easily annoyed

• Sunshine– Sunshine Garth of Webster City, a new-age spiritualist and devout vegan

• River — Brian Borkowski of Webster City, a new-age beatnik who has difficulty relating to his parents’ generation

• Parker John (P.J. — Jake Lahr of Webster City, a dependent and unmotivated “kid” who is content to live a carefree life under his parents’ roof.

• Joy Bombay — Linda Thomas of Williams, a cranky and sassy neighbor

• Nelson Bombay — Al Yungclas of Webster City, a trivia buff who is the polar opposite of his wife

• Mitzy Cheshire — Nichole Ose of Williams, a confident woman who struggles between her emotional apathy toward men and her physical desire for them

• No (Noelle) Cheshire — Sylvia Vust of Jewell, a nun of some variety; she would prefer heaven to be a place for women only

• Onie Cheshire– Kaitlynn Seeley of Webster City, a certified chocoholic with the emotional maturity of an 8 year old

• Amos — Jeff Pingel of Webster City, a likeable animal caregiver.


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