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Downtown Webster City welcomes Artist in Residence

Cord McMahon, of Fort Dodge, visits with Deb Brown on Friday afternoon during an open house for McMahon, who will be working downtown on his art for the next year.

Webster City residents welcomed Cord McMahon, new Artist in Residence, to town on Friday afternoon.

McMahon, 23, is originally from Fort Dodge.

“I’m just here to help out the greater cause and try to get art out there,” McMahon said. “It’s not really a dying medium, but it needs to be elevated a little bit. So hopefully this will help the city.”

He will be working at the studio, located next to Home Appliance and Repair, at 531 Second St. He will be in the studio 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday.

“People can stop by and come in whenever,” said McMahon.

Webster City resident Mark Dohms checks out some of Cord McMahon’s creative artworks Friday afternoon.

McMahon has always been interested in art. Over time he focused more on math and science, but returned to his first passion. He has been working in it ever since.

McMahon also happens to be a former student of Maureen Seamonds, Legacy Learning BRV board member and owner of The Produce Station Pottery and Ice House Gallery.

“We’ve been taking about the advantages of communities that welcome the arts,” said Seamonds.

Seamonds ran into McMahon at an art show in Fort Dodge this past winter and inquired as to what he would be up to after graduation from Grandview College. Seamonds suggested the idea of McMahon coming to Webster City to work and get his art out there.

“We met at an art show in Fort Dodge,” said McMahon. “She said, ‘You’d be perfect for this. You should do it’, so that’s how I got here.”

“He’ll be here 40 hours a week,” Seamonds said. “We’re excited. He’s a great young man. This is the kind of thing we want to see take off.”

“He’s a multi-media artist because he majored in graphic design and that means he can draw, he can paint, he can design,” said Seamonds. “I think the public will see he can do a lot of different things.”

McMahon has a love of animals, especially dogs. His three dogs, two pugs and an American bulldog, are often incorporated into his work.

“Right now my style is pretty much just collage-based in mixed media work with found paper images and then adding paint or other element to it,” said McMahon. “It’s pretty much just based off of dogs.”

“Because he’s worked at the vet clinic and he loves dogs, a lot of that pops into his work and I think that’s so much fun, said Seamonds. “If you have a dog you love just bring it by and meet Cord. He’ll probably want to paint it or use it in his work.”

Individuals are encouraged to stop by the building to meet McMahon and check out his work. In addition to working in the studio, he will also be teaching a series of classes.

“Really I just hope to get myself established and get my name out there and then maybe sell more stuff and get into more shows and possible win show events,” McMahon said.

For a full listing of classes, visit