Officers elected by county extension council

Four officers were elected during the Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach Hamilton County extension council organizational meeting on January 8, 2018. The nine-member county extension council annually elects officers to comply with Iowa law.

Kathy Getting, Williams, is the re-elected chairperson. Getting will preside at all meetings of the county extension council, have authority to call special meetings and perform duties as performed and exercised by a chairperson of a board of directors of a corporation. Cindy McCollough, Stratford, was elected vice chairperson.

Mancy Buakham, Webster City, was elected secretary and has the responsibility of keeping the minutes of all county extension council meetings and signing required papers for the council.

The council elected Norm Wonderlich, Webster City, to the treasurer position. The treasurer has charge of all of the funds of the county extension council; receives, deposits, pays and disburses. The treasurer insures an accurate record of receipts and disbursements and submits reports to the county extension council.

As elected officials, the county extension council is the local governing body of ISU Extension and Outreach. The county extension council hires county staff, manages the county extension budget and helps determine programming.

Other members of the Hamilton County Council include Bruce Perry, Webster City; Gayle Odland, Webster City; Steve Wright, Story City; Amber Cordoba, Webster City and Lisa Tapper, Webster City.

The county extension office is located at 311 Bank Street in Webster City. To learn more about ISU Extension and Outreach in Hamilton County, visit or call 832-9597.