Two civil engineering, land surveying firms merge

Clapsaddle-Garber Associates and Ryken Engineering and Land Surveying are proud to announce their merger which occurred on Oct. 1, 2017. The two civil engineering and land surveying firms combined resources to better serve their existing and new clients in central and north-central Iowa. Both firms have been very successful with histories of over 55 years each.

Matt Garber, President of CGA, and Lee Gallentine, President of Ryken discussed the possibility of a merger earlier this year. During initial conversations both parties discovered each firms’ culture and approach to civil engineering and land surveying to be very similar, and believed a merger would be beneficial for both existing client bases. CGA brings offices in Marshalltown, Ames, and Cedar Falls to the fold. Ryken’s offices in Ackley, Webster City, and Mason City will expand the service footprint of the combined firm. Under the CGA banner they look forward to continued service to all clients with expanded resources, covering more of Iowa.

Clapsaddle-Garber Associates provides municipal and private civil engineering, airport facility development, land development, planning, traffic and transportation engineering, land surveying, agriculture drainage, water/wastewater treatment, utility development, right of way acquisition, materials testing, and inspection services. They have served central Iowa well for over 55 years. Now with the combined resources, they have extended their range to north-central Iowa and broaden the services provided to all of their clients. For more information please visit: www.cgaconsultants.com


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