Those !!?#@#!X# cornflakes

The story is told of two young brothers who decided they were old enough to swear. At bedtime one night they agreed that the next morning they ...

Grassley and Klobuchar join forces

By his example, U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley helps counter the disillusionment so many Americans express about Congress. The Iowa Republican is an important GOP ...

No one likes a litterbug

For weeks, small forests of signs promoting dozens of political candidates have been demonstrations of the vigor of our system of ...

New NHS members inducted

Five generations

Behn thanks Ernst, Grassley for support of year-long E15

Elected officials should represent all constituents


MARJORIE ALEXANDER Marjorie Arlene Alexander, 95, born Feb. 13, 1923 to Orley and Hazel Alexander, died Sept. 15, 2018 in Littleton, Colorado. Burial is in ...



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