Poplar Grove Speedway hosts Clone Nationals

Racers from several states compete for prize money

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Poplar Grove Speedway hosted the 12th annual Clone Nationals Saturday. The winners in the Senior Clone Class. pictured with Holly Mortenson, Co-Owner of Poplar Grove Speedway, left, and Tim Mortenseon, Co-Owner of Poplar Grove Speedway, far right, are Doug Vogel, Carroll, 4th place and hard charger award; Jeff Edwards, Ames, 2nd place; Aaron Waller, Traer, 1st place; Jerod Ballhagen, Allison, 3rd place and Nathan Donahue, Des Moines, 5th place.

KAMRAR – Poplar Grove Speedway of Kamrar held the 12th Annual Clone Nationals on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019. Racers from several states raced for trophies and more than $4,500 in money payouts.

The highlight of the day was the Senior Clone Class that was racing for $1,000 to win. Aaron Waller of Traer was the first to cross the finish line for $1,000 with Jeff Edwards from Ames Iowa following right behind to receive a check for $500. The Junior II Clone Class raced for $500 to win. Kart #8 that was powered by Bradlee Laugen of Leland Iowa was the winner with a close 2nd to Tate Bieret of Wall Lake Iowa for $300. Cruz Sanders of Papillion Nebraska raced his kart #18 to the finish line to claim the $500 for the Junior I Clone Class with Brandon VanKlompenburg of Orange City Iowa coming in 2nd for $200. The Clone Putt Putt class saw young racers from the age of 5 to 8 racing their hearts out to finish. Hayden Gapp, of Duncombe Iowa, came in 2nd and receiving $75 with Kryan Kelly of Laneboro Iowa getting the checked flag and receiving $100.

Tim and Holly Mortenson, owners of Poplar Grove Speedway, said, “We’d would like to congratulate all the racers for a great race and thank the sponsors that helped to make this day possible.”  The sponsors were: Sports Park Raceway, Forest City Family Dentistry, Jon Braathon, Delaware Speedway, Medema Kompetition Karting, Story County Truck & Auto, 448 Designs-Jacob Pruismann, Performance Electric-Jason Vansickel, Pickles Pub, Mortenson Farms, Plain Metal Salvage, Dave Doughty Auto, Iowa Forklift and Equipment LLC, Dekalb/Asgrow, Ballhagen Racing, Waller Raicng LLC, Uncle Frank’s Racing and several anonymous sponsors.

2019 Clone Nationals Results

Jr I Wing Lo206

Clone Putt Putt Class winners:  Hayden Gapp, Duncombe, 2nd place; Kyran Kelly, Laneboro, 1st place; Blake Johnson, Garner, 3rd place; and Cayden Kropp, Dewitt Nebraska, 4th place.

1. Brantley Tjaden, Norwalk, $50; 2. Sierra Gary, Marshalltown, $25

Builders Prepared

1. Karter Evans, Paulina, $50; 2. Kam Haggard, Humboldt, $25

Unlimited All Star-Trophy Class

1. Carter Laugen, Leland; 2. Kent Sommerlot, Dunkerton; 3. Don Rasmussen, Omaha Nebraska; DNS Tyler Sommerlot, Dunkerton

 Jr I Clone Class winners:  Turner Bennett, Des Moines, 4th place; Brandon VanKlompenburg, Orange City , 2nd place; Cruz Sanders, Papillion Nebraska, 1st place; Copper Quandt, Carroll, 3rd place; and Deagin Prime, Britt, 5th place.

Restricted Box Stock

1. Landon Elliott, Boone, $60; 2. Kolton Hoffer, Sioux City, $30

Clone Putt Putt

1. Kyran Kelly, Lanesboro, $100; 2. Hayden Gapp, Duncombe, $75; 3. Blake Johnson, Garner, $50; 4. Cayden Kropp, Dewitt Nebraska

Jr I Clone

Jr II Clone Class winners:  Alexander Kenward, Mason City, 4th place; Tate Bieret, Wall Lake, 2nd place; Bradlee Laugen, Leland, 1st place; Brody Frayne, Garner, 3rd place; and Ashton Pankow, Elma, 5th place.

1. Cruz Sanders, Papillion, Nebraska $500; 2. Brandon Vanklompenburg, Orange City, $200; 3. Copper Quandt, Carroll, $100; 4. Turner Bennett, Des Moines; 5. Deagin Prime, Britt; 6. Kayden Birkholz, Mason City

Jr II Clone

1. Bradlee Laugen, Leland, $500; 2. Tate Bieret, Wall Lake, $300; 3. Brody Frayne, Garner, $225; 4. Alexander Kenward, Mason City,$125; 5. Ashton Pankow, Elma, $75; 6. Christian Ohm, Humboldt; 7. Tommy Quandt, Carroll; 8. Ethan Wigg, Norwalk; 9. Evan Smith, Garner; 10. Abe Ambrose, Webster City; 11. Dale Schwamman, Fort Atkinson; 12. Austin Jones, Webster City

Senior Clone

Hard Charger Award-Doug Vogel, Carrol, $100

1. Aaron Waller, Traer, $1,000; 2. Jeff Edwards, Ames, $500; 3. Jerod Ballhagen, Allison, $300; 4. Doug Vogel, Carroll, $200; 5. Nathan Donahue, Des Moines Iowa $100; 6. Cam Medema, Ida Grove Iowa; 7. Ryan Waller, Traer Iowa; 8. Matt Webb, Des Moines Iowa; 9. Lucas Jacobson, Mason City Iowa; 10. James Nighswonger, Osawatomie Kansas; 11. Jermiah Davis, North Liberty Iowa; 12. Josh Parcels, Des Moines Iowa; 13. DJ Robinson, Des Moines Iowa; 14. Tim Green, Moville Iowa


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