This is what love can do.

Tim Adams' sculpture dedicated to the memory of Kent Harfst sits atop the hill overlooking Brewer Creek Park in Webster City.

This is what love looks like.

The blue of Sunday’s sky blessing the afternoon in vibrant contrast to the trees of Brewer Creek Park that embrace the sculpture honoring the memory of Kent Harfst.

Kent, we would rather have you.

But to remember you, to trigger that recall of the great many things you left to this town when you left too, too soon, there is now a sculpture commissioned with love.

Crafted with love.

And, now, dedicated with love.

This is what love sounds like.

It sounds like your identical twin brother, Kyle, traveling the distance to say what so many of us think: That we were lucky to have you. Blessed, really. And that we miss you.

It is your sons, Brady and Max, finding the words to tell the many who gathered in the afternoon that they learned from you to greet every day and make it great.

Today was great, by the way.

On this beautiful day, people rode their bicycles down a trail you created, gathered in a park you so admired, and thought about what you meant to this place.

This is what gratitude sounds like: The whispered suggestion that now, with the new sculpture installed and admired, it is time to name the whole trail system for you.

Because, Kent, without you, it would not exist.

This is what love can do.

Jane Curtis is interim editor of the Daily Freeman-Journal.


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