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Michelle Book

In the months since COVID struck, we have encountered many challenges. Iowans lost precious work hours or their job altogether. Kids were home with school closures and senior citizens became even more shut in. As the state started its economic recovery, a historic storm ripped across communities causing billions of dollars of destruction. Then, bitterly cold temperatures this winter caused heating bills to soar.

For those already struggling to make ends meet, food insecurity was amplified. And many more were new to needing help. Feeding America estimates overall rates of food insecurity have doubled since the pandemic began. For households with children, rates tripled. There are now thousands more Iowans who don’t have enough food. It could be your friends, your family, your neighbors or even you.

It is the job of the Food Bank of Iowa to acquire nutritious food, keep it safe, and deliver it to smaller front line community organizations whose people then hand it to their neighbors in need. We deliver food to your town, perhaps stocking pantry shelves in churches, schools, or community centers, supplying food for meal sites, or providing weekend backpack food for elementary students. In 2020, 82,187 pounds of food were distributed in Hamilton County. Our drivers made deliveries to 10 providers in this county. More than 17,700 residents found help this way.

As an Iowan born and raised, I know Iowans are tough. We work hard and we take care of our family and neighbors. And yet, many of us hesitate to ask for help when we need it ourselves. Whether we think we should leave resources for others who are worse off, or we feel we should be able to handle problems on our own, it can be difficult to accept help.

If you received some support this past year, thank you for trusting Food Bank of Iowa and our local partners to provide safe, nutritious food for you and your family. If you need food now or in the future, please reach out. To find help nearby, visit FoodBankIowa.org or call 515-564-0330.

If you do not have enough food in the refrigerator or cupboard for yourself and your loved ones, I encourage you to let us help. There are resources for you, right now, right here. I know, because the Food Bank of Iowa delivers nutritious food to your community. We are here to help.


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