Just talk to each other

My community came out in droves to support keeping East Twin Park a park. There was a request from a developer that wanted to buy it to move and build a new store for a national discount retailer. The council voted no to selling. And people gave money, offered to volunteer and help in the planning.

Rule #1 in a small town: just talk to each other first. Community happens when people talk to each other.

Now it’s time to really start talking to each other. Not by holding meetings and someone takes notes and the two hours is spent over what should the city do.

No, let’s meet at the park and pick up sticks. We can talk about what could be done. Volunteer to help in any way you can. I can help pick up garbage a couple of times a month. Could someone share on the Facebook page what is needed? Those small steps are meaningful ways for everyone to participate and get things started.

A 14-year-old girl has already created at GoFundMe page and donations are coming in. She’s one of my heroes.


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