Tired of ‘Shop  Local’?

I’m so tired of hearing “Shop Local”

Funny thing for a small-town enthusiast to say, isn’t it? I’m not against spending your money where you live. In fact, I encourage it. I’m just tired of the saying, and tired of feeling like someone is telling me what to do. I’m not the only one either. Many small towns around the US are seeing their Shop Local campaigns not work so well anymore.

Try something different.

Focus on one product only.

In Hampton, Iowa they had a Buy One Product Local campaign. That product? Toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. All the stores got on board and found ways to create interesting displays. Stores that never sold toilet paper now did. People visited the stores just to see the displays. There were giveaways, prizes, contests and all kinds of cool activities. They won a Main Street Award and received national attention. Because of toilet paper.

Talk about the owners and staff.

You might think people know you, but not everyone does. Share a fun story, tell us what you like to do in town or share about your staff. Don’t be so serious. Tell us what products in your store you really like. Why? Would they be a good gift?

Try a “Did You Know” campaign

One person can do this. Or all your shoppers can do this! Take a picture of something people may not know you carry. Post it online and say, “Did you know xxx sells this?” Why not take a picture of someone shopping and take a pic of the item they bought? You can do a Did You Know every day of the week during the holiday season, or every week during the year!

Have fun spending money in your town and supporting your local businesses.


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