Don’t assume everyone sees your postings or articles or ads

Ideas from the Road

I went to one of our local pottery places and watched them raku fire horsehair pottery. It was fascinating! I didn’t buy anything. That day.

How did they get me to come? They posted on social media; I didn’t see it there. They sent an invitation in their email newsletter, and I did see it there. I promptly forgot it. Finally, they sent a postcard to all the people who have shopped there. I saw that, and invited a friend, and added it to my calendar.

It often takes more than one try to get people to notice what you are doing.

I live in Iowa. We are bombarded by presidential candidates. I’ve gone to a few speeches, to learn what they are all about. I went to an event for Elizabeth Warren. She was not there. My friend received a phone call inviting her to a potluck. She invited me. We went. Because it was a potluck. The old saying ‘we don’t meet if we don’t eat’ proves true. We also supported a local person who was trying to do something different to bring people together.

Don’t always do the same old thing.

Once a week I go to the Events page on Facebook and look at what is there. For me to see your event, you need to post an event on your Facebook page. I noticed that #tourismchat folks always put up an event on Facebook. They use Facebook live to do their chats. So, you get to see the people talking, ask questions via the chat box, or just watch it. Could you do that with a topic for your community or your business? Of course, you could!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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