Warm sweaters and cuddly cats


Having a cat in your lap is something like putting on a sweater to chase away the chills of a frigid January like what we’re suffering through. The same could be said for a cool fall day, too.

This is the time of year when my cat Maxine and her habit of quietly leaping onto my lap is welcome most of the time. She doesn’t need an invitation; all that’s required is for her to realize that I’m sitting peacefully by myself. That’s all it takes for her to settle in on my lap as soon as I get settled, too. Sometimes she’s there before I am.

Yes, it can be pretty annoying to have her practically attaching herself to me. Then I disengage her as tactfully as possible, but it never seems to deter her for the next time. So then we do the same dance.

I have to say she’s a lot like a living, purring, very content sweater. Thankfully, Maxine isn’t a big cat, but just the right weight and heft to warm me as she curls up and sits very still like she thinks I won’t notice her and make her get down.

Of course this is on my mind because today is National Sweater Day. And a perfect time of year it is for it . Putting on a warm, soft sweater is rather like giving yourself a nice hug as the weight and warmth of it settle in around you.

While a sweater doesn’t purr, of course, I think wearing a sweater is somehow comforting. Living in Iowa, a sweater is almost like a uniform for me this time of year. Fleece and sweatshirts and vests and other long-sleeve shirts just aren’t the same as a cozy, warm sweater–especially if it’s one of my layers for the day. After the brutal weather we endured last week, the pleasant warmth of a sweater is really what it’s all about.

I’d say that wearing your favorite warm sweater is probably the best way to celebrate National Sweater Day. Besides that obvious way to commemorate this day, I read that in honor of the day we are encouraged to turn down the thermostats in our homes to conserve fuel. In fact, this day was started early in this century as a way to get people thinking and talking about energy conservation. Combined with a lower thermostat setting, wearing a sweater is an opportunity for lower utility bills.

All in one day you can save a few dollars while you stay warm at the same time. That’s not a bad combination.