Become a Master Gardener

Horticulture Hints

The Master Gardener program is looking for people who are passionate about volunteering and gardening. No previous garden knowledge is required. The program equips participants to grow in knowledge about gardening best practices for Iowa gardens.

Orientation will start August 23, at 6:30 pm at the Webster County Extension Office. A series of 12 weekly webcast sessions will then be provided to view in the convenience of your home. Participants will learn from ISU professionals during these webcasts, including sessions on Trees and Shrubs; Fruit Care; Entomology; Lawn Care; Vegetables; Houseplants; Soils; Herbaceous Ornamentals and Animal Ecology.

A hands-on activity in conjunction with these webinars will be held locally on following Thursday evenings, at 6:30 pm to provide additional information on the subject presented.

A Class on Campus training session will be held on November 3 at ISU, bringing all Master Gardener trainees together for hands-on workshops with Extension and Outreach instructors.

The Master Gardener program is a great way to meet new people and to grow an excitement about gardening. It also presents a tremendous opportunity to give back to by volunteering in your communities. Join with local Master Gardeners to further your learning experience with each hands-on learning session.

After completing the course, Master Gardener trainees work as volunteers within their community, volunteering 20 hours per year and building their gardening know-how by participating in ten hours of continuing education. The fee for this instruction is $195; with an August 1 registration deadline.

To apply, go to or contact your local extension office for further details.

Did you know? Local Master Gardeners are available to help you with your gardening questions. Contact me to connect you with a local Master Gardener in your area to receive scientific, researched based advice and assist in answering your gardening questions.

Horticulture Questions? Contact McCormick at for information or advice.