Penguins and patience

Adri's Adventures

It has been another cold, eventful week here in Webster City. With snow, rain, ice and low temperatures, I am in need of spring.

With the freezing rain we had earlier this week, I am happy to report I only fell three times. For those of you who see me walking around town, you may have noticed the light jaunt I have to my step. On the clock, my walk is best described as “a woman on a mission.”

My zeal and jaunty step led to a fall right outside my front door early Tuesday morning. I got a smidge too excited to greet the world and forgot to consider the frozen precipitation beneath my feet.

As my dad would say, I ‘dundered’, aka I biffed it hardcore and went down.

As I am not a morning person, the slip and fall was quite the wake up call. Safe to say after coming to a halt in a pile of slush, I was awake. To get to my car and refrain from falling again, I performed an Oscar-worthy penguin imitation and waddled my way to the garage.

As the week went on, I perfected my penguin walk and tried to limit the pep in my step to avoid further slips.

My balance wasn’t the only issue this week. My beloved car, Paul, managed to betray me once again. This time, by dying at an intersection in town. I had barely gone a block from my apartment when Paul died. There is no greater feeling of defeat than your vehicle quitting in front of your place of residence.

Though I am no stranger to car trouble (my car has died on me or broken at least five times in the last year), I still seem to be surprised every time something with it goes awry.

So there I was, sitting in my dead car, praying to the Good Lord above to start it back up again. In between my pleas to God and trying to resuscitate my vehicle I found a new calling: traffic control.

In between attempts at restarting my car, I would periodically hop out of my vehicle to wave on the poor people behind me wondering why I was still at a stop. I like to think I perfected my wave — a cross between the classic pageant wave and the form one uses to throw a Frisbee. I like to think this wave has a mix of polite respect and that motion grandparents use to round up their grand kids.

Thankfully, after 15 minutes of panic, my car came back to life.

With more snow in the forecast, I sure hope that spring comes soon.

In the event of more snow and ice, be careful on the roads and sidewalks, folks!

And a friendly PSA to be kind and respectful to all of the city and county employees out on the roads in plows and such. Give them space and slow down, please.

If you’re around this weekend, check out the Dodge for a Cause tournament tonight at Jeff Gym at 6 p.m.

There will be a free will donation for all spectators who come out to see the action.

According to SHIFT Happens facilitator and Bee-Inspired CAPP Coordinator Tiffany Larson, all money donated will go toward the making of a youth mentoring program in Webster City.

In case of inclement weather, the snow date for the event is Friday, March 23.

Make this weekend an adventure!