Libby and RBdigital – Your one stop for eBooks, Audiobooks, and eMagazines

Off the shelf

Don’t have time to stop by the library to check out books? Can’t afford to subscribe to all your favorite magazines? No problem, Kendall Young Library has the apps for you! Kendall Young Library provides access to free audiobooks, eBooks, and eMagazines. All you need is a library card to get started.

Kendall Young Library provides free access to over 24,000 eBooks and eAudiobooks through Bridges: Iowa’s eLibrary. This service is powered by OverDrive, which supports all major computers and devices and is free for patrons with their library card.

OverDrive recently released a brand new app called Libby that is your new one-tap reading app that makes eReading easy. Libby is also powered by Bridges: Iowa’s eLibrary. You can search Bridges for books to check out and see them in your personal bookshelf all in one app.

The Libby app is very user friendly and takes out the extra steps to check out, download, and read books that the OverDrive app has. You can download, read, or listen to books right in Libby without using additional eReader apps. Once books are downloaded to your Libby bookshelf, they can be read or listened to without using cellular data or Wi-Fi.

The Libby app does not sync with the OverDrive app, but DOES sync with the Libby app on multiple devices. At this time, Libby is only available on the following systems: iOS 9+, Android 4.4+, Windows 10 (for desktops/tablets/mobile) versions 1607 and 1703. NOTE: You can still use the OverDrive app if that is your preference, or if you don’t have a device compatible with the Libby app.

With a Kendall Young Library card, you can have up to 3 items checked out at a time.  Bridges eBooks and eAudiobooks have a 2-week checkout period.

I use the Libby app every day in my car to listen to audiobooks through the Bluetooth in my car. It makes driving so much better when you are sick of the radio, or just need something new. This way, I can also still read or listen to books even if I don’t have time to sit down with a physical book at home. I also use Libby to read books or graphic novels that the library doesn’t own.

The library also subscribes to RBdigital eMagazines, which has replaced Zinio. RBdigital offers library cardholders access to free checkouts of over 150 eMagazine titles. You can download and read eMagazines on your tablet, computer, or smartphone. Check out as many as you want, and you can even print out pages from the magazine. We all know that magazine subscriptions are pricey, so in addition to the physical magazines that the library orders, patrons of Kendall Young Library also have access to even more that the library doesn’t subscribe to with RBdigital.

If you need more information or help with either of these services, check out the eLibrary tab on Kendall Young Library’s website. You can also call the reference desk at the library with any questions.