Finding your next read

Off the shelf

Sometimes it is a struggle picking your next book to read. If you are like me, and work at a library, options are endless. I have books on my to-read list to last me a lifetime, and it just keeps getting longer. But for those of you who don’t have that kind of access, here are a few excellent ways to find new books to read.


Goodreads is a website that is all about sharing and reviewing books. It mixes personal cataloging, list making, book reviewing, authors, and friends together to create a book lover’s helpful companion. You can create a free account and keep track of books that you have read, want to read, books that you own, your favorite books, and more. Goodreads will suggest books for a user based on books they’ve read or added to a list. It is a great way to find books similar to books that you have read and liked. Goodreads is also a social platform that allows you to share books with friends, see what your friends are reading via your personal newsfeed, and see what authors are doing as well.

I use Goodreads to keep track of every single book that I read each year. To do this, I make a list for each year and add books as I read them. I have a list for my favorite books, audiobooks that I have read, books that I read for graduate school, and more. It helps me keep track of what I have read and what I want to read in the future. There is also a Goodreads Challenge that users can do. You just set a goal for yourself of how many books you want to read that year, and try to meet it. It’s a fun way to keep reading.

Goodreads has book giveaways, authors to follow, blogs from friends and authors, new releases lists, and so much more. It is an amazing website for book lovers.

Bridges eBooks

Kendall Young Library subscribes to Bridges: Iowa’s eLibrary. This service is powered by OverDrive, which you can download on any computer and device for free. All you need to do is have a Kendall Young Library card number, and log in. There is a link to get to the Bridges site on Kendall Young Library’s homepage along with step-by-step printable tutorials and video tutorials for multiple devices. On the Bridges website, you can browse eBooks by popular books, recently added, genres, or categories like “your next great read”. This site provides free check outs of eBooks and audiobooks for all devices and is a great way to discover and read books from anywhere you may be.

Join a book club

Joining a book club is a great way to get new ideas on what to read next. Maybe you always read the same genre and want to branch out. Book clubs are perfect for showing you different types of books that you normally wouldn’t read. We have a book club at the library, and many groups around the area have book clubs as well. Ask around and you might find a group to help you find new books.


One great thing about librarians is that we all love books. If you approach any of the Kendall Young library staff, we would all have giant lists of books to recommend to you. Don’t hesitate to ask us, because we love sharing good books.

I hope this helps you find your next book to read.


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