Finding the good in the bad

Adri's Adventures

The older I get, the more I tend to search for the good in every situation I encounter.

I’ve found removing excessive and unfair expectations is one of the best ways be more positive and get through life’s ups and downs.

Some days it’s easier to see the pros outweigh the cons. On others, it often takes a hard look at my situation and a new perspective.

For example, last week my car decided to malfunction while on the way back from a work event. As I proceeded from a four-way stop, my car made what sounded like a mix between a clunk and gasp and slowed to a stop near a parking lot in town.

As my car is nearly as old as I am, I am no stranger to car troubles. However, this was a new issue that I had never encountered before.

After a closer inspection of my vehicle, I determined something had dropped on top of my front driver’s side tire, causing my tire to spin aimlessly while in drive.

Now, I became a writer (not a mechanic) for a reason. This reason was apparent as I spent nearly a half hour Googling car parts to try and explain to my dad via phone what exactly had gone wrong with my car.

What I described to my father as a “large circular looking thing about so big” was actually a strut and spring.

Luckily for me, my car died next to the Daily Freeman-Journal, so I left my car in the lot overnight to avoid a ticket. That was the first positive of this ordeal.

The second positive was the fact that Blakes Auto Repair just so happens to be located on the same block where my car died.

So, that next afternoon, I walked down to Pat Blake’s shop for some assistance.

I once again attempted to convey what was wrong with my car. To be honest, throughout this whole conversation I was just proud of myself for knowing where the problem was located. And for being smart enough not to attempt to drive my broken car.

Pat was kind enough to walk down the block to see for himself what was wrong with it.

He found the cause of the problem and promptly helped me find the parts and fixed my car. What could have been a huge stressor turned into a reminder that thanks to good people, you can get through just about anything.

Thanks to Pat and the guys at Blakes Auto Repair for your help last week.

Even a broken down car can turn into a positive adventure when you’ve got small businesses like Blakes Auto Repair there to help.