Will we see the snow soon?

Adri's Adventures

I hate to say it, but I’ve heard rumblings in the weather forecast about a small amount of distasteful precipitation headed our way. That’s right, people. Snow.

It’s that four-letter word that sparks a mixture of emotions in our lovely state.

I feel like people only express one of two feelings about snowfall, large or small. It’s either “Oh my gosh this is the most exciting thing ever!” or “I am not mentally or emotionally prepared for this.”

I like to think I fall into the excited about snow category. Although snow means cold temperatures, there are a lot of wonderful things that come along with a fresh snowfall. For example:

• Being able to walk in a literal winter wonderland. There is something so nostalgic and endearing about a quiet walk down Webster City’s main street with snow lightly falling to the ground.

• A new perspective on the world. One of my favorite things to wake up to is a heavy snowfall. The world appears quite and calm despite the bitterly cold temperatures that accompany it.

• Layers and layers of sweaters and other warm clothing. I’m a sucker for a comfortable sweatshirt and fuzzy socks. I’m that weird person that enjoys dressing for the winter weather but doesn’t enjoy the frosty temperatures that come with winter.

• Comfort foods. The best part about the season of snow by far is all of the home made hot food dishes made. I’m personally a big fan of the classic chili and cinnamon roll combination, which to many individuals who live outside the state may deem an unsavory duo.

Is it fun shoveling out my car on these days? Not so much. Especially when my snow removal skills are subpar at best. However, with beauty there tends to be pain. This pain is usually minor inconveniences I would rather not have to experience.

As my car is not the most reliable vehicle on the planet, I’ve got my car packed with water, snacks, a blanket, snow scraper and flashlight already just in case.

After having three flat tires this week alone, I found it’s best to do as the Boy Scouts do and Be Prepared. And on the bright side, with new tires on, I can trek across the state this holiday season without fear of getting stranded on the road (or at least, I sure hope so).

Now whether the snow appears or not, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Either way, winter is coming whether we want the snow or not. Make the weather an adventure!