We only have one truck

Back in February, we may remember that month as the one with some snow and tornado like winds. People’s favorite expression then was “I can’t remember when we have had a winter like this.” In my case, “I don’t want to hear about it” when children or friends called and told us how much they were enjoying sitting in the sunshine after picking fruit off the trees in their back yard.

I thought, “So big deal, you have sunshine and fresh fruit.” We have winter nights when the moonlight sparkles like diamonds scattered over the pristine snow and it’s more beautiful than the sun glaring across the sand that they call lawn. In spite of all the things going on around the world, as my mind wonders about the quiet winter night, I can’t help but feel at peace and to be thankful.

What does all of this have to do with trucks, my husband wonders. He is always ready to hear about anything that has to do with trucks but forget about the snow in February or April for that matter.

OK, I will get on with it. Shortly before Valentine’s Day, our five great-grands brought their mothers to our house for a play day and a day to make Valentine cookies. Nana, otherwise know as grandma or Ellen, had the cookies baked so Porter and Jane – the almost grown up ones at 5, and Miles and Anna the almost 3 and 2 -year-old – could color the frosting and get down to work frosting those cookies. After making sure that the frosting tasted OK, the two youngest got down and opened the toy closet deciding what to get out first. Now and then, they would climb up on a chair to inspect the baked goods and in case of a damaged cookie, would offer to get it out of the way.

The two elder grands were quite diligent about the frosting job and did some really awesome cookies. When the cookies were finished and divided up and hands and faces were washed fairly clean, it was time for milk and two cookies (their moms pointed out that they had already had a cooke or maybe more).

Papa was down on the floor chatting with eight-month-old Amelia who was keeping her eyes on Meg, our Boston Terrier, and doing her Jane Fonda for the day. I got down to get a handle on those exercises Amelia was doing. Soon, Miles joined us and he got up close to my ear and asked me if I knew that we only had one truck. I had not been aware of our lack of trucks and was appalled. Miles said further that they had lots of trucks at his house. Unfortunately by now Papa, had gone to coffee (imagine that) but I assured Miles that if anyone would want us to have more trucks, it would be Papa. If he couldn’t have another big one to drive, he would be glad to get some more small ones. I don’t know what it is about trucks – especially pick-up trucks. I think it is a “man thing” although I have seen females tooling around in pick-up trucks in recent years. Oh well, all is fair in love and pick-up trucks or however that goes.

When Miles came at Easter, he found two new trucks. I think that’s enough trucks but I’m not sure Miles and Papa agree. Time will tell.

Have a wonderful summer.


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