A few simple changes

So how are those New Year’s Resolutions going? A few of my acquaintances have followed through but most people have long forgotten those vows from Jan. 1.

I really didn’t make any serious resolutions this year. Oh, I guess you always have some things in the back of your mind – weight loss, getting more physically fit, changing some bad habits. Even though I didn’t make those write-them-down, stick-to-them resolutions, I have found a small modicum of success with one or two simple changes I made this year.

As we were getting ready to move into the new house in late January, I noticed that the one thing that was not in short supply was the plethora of plastic soda bottles that we were collecting. Even though there were regular trips to the recycling center, the number of bottles and cans was just ridiculous. That got me thinking about how much soda we were all consuming and how much it was costing us to consume.

My husband was working his way through a least two, two-liter bottles of highly-caffeinated Mt. Dew every day. In his defense, it was diet soda. But the soda meant he – and the rest of us – weren’t drinking enough water.

Diet Coke was my beverage of choice. It had been a favorite for a long time and I tried to justified using so much of since it was sugar-free. But enough was enough

So, I stopped buying the bottled carbonation and started drinking water. I found a large insulated glass which I could fill with ice and water and it was easy to take along with me. Occasionally, I’ll pick up a bottle or some packets of the water flavorings that the local grocery stores have available. It feels like a real treat when you mix in a little cherry limeade or lemonade.

That was back in late January and now I’m totally on board with the water drinking, in fact, other than an occasional cup of coffee and a glass or two of milk each day, water’s my best friend.

OK, so the bottom line is, since January I’ve dropped about 20 pounds which I attribute to my increased water intake and eating a bit healthier. Fruits and vegetables don’t last very long at our house now. And with the weather is getting warmer, walking every day is back in the picture, too. My mood and outlook have also improved greatly.

Those few simple changes haven’t been hard. They’ve been easy. And I guess you’re never to old to learn some better habits and improve yourself.


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