Get Money $mart at the library

You may have noticed the Money Smart Events happening around town this week. Hopefully you attended a session or participated in Dash for the Stash. Financial Literacy is an important skill for people of all ages. The books below are some of the many great resources at the library for working on your financial literacy skills.

“50 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Personal Finances” by Ilyce R. Glink

This is great for those who want to start off small. Financial literacy and personal finances are intimidating topics, and for some the best strategy is to implement slow changes that add up over time. This book takes you through a series of small changes to make in all areas of your finances, from streamlining your financial process to planning for retirement.

“Worth ItNot Worth It?” by Jack Otter

This title is great for those mulling a tough financial question. Specific and to the point, Otter compares a wide variety of scenarios that are applicable to those in all stages of their financial life, from buying vs. renting to buying stocks vs. buying mutual funds. For those who want practical, concise, and often cheeky advice, this book is a great source of answers to those tough questions.

“No More Mac ‘n’ Cheese!” by Lise Andreana

Geared towards managing money for 20-somethings, Andreana offers practical steps to for securing your financial well-being in the future. Starting with advice for the student, Andreana follows the 20-something through their 20’s, moving from college to the workplace and beyond. “No More Mac ‘n’ Cheese” will help its readers develop solid financial habits that will aid them through the rest of their life.

“The Everything Kids’ Money Book” by Brette McWhorter Sember

Being money smart is a valuable skill parents can teach their children. This book helps that process. Covering a variety of financial habits, this book is great to help your child learn about financial literacy, from saving for a new bike to investing their allowance online. Help give your child a leg up in the financial world by encouraging their financial literacy skills early.

“The AARP Retirement Survival Guide” by Julie Jason

In an uncertain financial climate, the thought of retirement can be a frightening one. Julie Jason guides readers of all income-levels through the variety of issues that occur when contemplating retirement. With a series of helpful checklists, worksheets, and more, the book provides prospective retirees a great toolkit for assessing their future. The award winner for Best Personal Finance Book at the International Book Awards and Booklist’s top business book, Jason’s advice is time-tested.

This is just a small sampling of the great resources we have, so stop by and investigate for yourself. Browse the stacks or ask the reference librarian for help locating the perfect book to help you and your family.