Who will put up these displays of our freedom in the future?

To the editor:

My husband, granddaughter and I had the privilege to help take down the majestic display of flags in Graceland Cemetery last week. As we took a break, we asked if the volunteers were vets, and were told nearly all were Vietnam vets.

These Vietnam Vets are supporting and honoring the WWII heroes that came before them by setting up/tearing down the flags, (which, btw, is an arduous task, even for 20 or so of us.)

We asked if they get any younger vets to help with this endeavor and sadly they said no.

This gave me pause … Who will put up these stunning displays of our freedom when the Vietnam vets can no longer physically do this every year?

It may take regular civilians to carry on this wonderful tradition. I hope you will consider giving your time next year, so that we may carry on this tribute to the people that risked their lives so that we may live in a free country.

Lisa Schaa

Webster City


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