Your patriotism can honor veterans all year long

To the editor:

Memorial Day honors those whose patriotism led them to sacrifice their lives in defense of democracy. Patriotism is a love of country. If you are devoted, you contribute to the well-being of your devotee. Patriots sacrifice comforts for their country.

Too often people say, “I don’t talk politics,” to avoid discomfort. Yet democracy is based upon an exchange of ideas. Therefore, a strong, well-functioning democracy must have citizens sharing their beliefs and ideas with each other. Today’s divisive political climate makes talking about politics all the more important.

Recently, a very caring person shared that she did not follow politics because it was too depressing. That’s understandable and an indication of our distressed democracy. We need valiant citizens to shore our democracy up, to show up in conversations with courage and humility, even if it’s unsettling.

It’s hard to be curious and not defensive, yet our country needs it.

Over the years our elected officials have started thinking of the “other side” as the enemy rather than as compatriots. Too many people are emulating them. If the tenor of national politics is ever going to improve, it will need to be sustained by individuals like you and me.

It’s time we bring forth our courage and humility to make a more perfect union through civil discourse. Be patriotic by being curious about candidates and policies. Sacrifice your time and comfort to learn different perspectives with an open mind.

By doing so, your patriotism honors veterans all year long.

Kathy Getting

Webster City


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