From the mayor of Iowa Falls: “Our loss is your gain”

To the editor:

I have been involved in the criminal justice field for over 25 years as a sworn peace officer, as well as teaching and administering a Criminal Justice program at the college level. I have met and worked with a great many law enforcement professionals in that time and Alex Pruismann is clearly one of the standouts.

Alex understands that police work is not just about enforcing laws but that it is, at its root, a people business. Just about any law enforcement officer can write tickets and arrest people but not all of them approach the job with an understanding of human nature and the ability to balance that perspective with their legal duty. Alex approaches the job that way.

In addition to being a good law enforcement officer, Alex understands that leadership is not just telling people what to do but being a servant and modeling the professionalism, humanity, and values we should all expect from our law enforcement officers. He will hold his people to the same high standards to which he holds himself while coaching and mentoring them every day.

And on top of it all, Alex is a good man. He has a heart for the communities he serves, he has a close, loving relationship with his family, and a great sense of humor.

As mayor of Iowa Falls, when we were looking for a new police chief in 2022, I notified Alex that the job was open. Later, when the new chief was looking for a second in command, I again encouraged Alex to apply. When I transitioned to my new role at Ellsworth College and we were looking for an adjunct instructor to teach in the Criminal Justice department, Alex was my first call. I respect that Alex didn’t feel those positions were the appropriate move for him at the time but there is a reason I sought him out for those leadership roles, and it is the same reason I am recommending the people of Hamilton County make Alex their Sheriff.

Our loss is your gain.

Michael Emerson

Dean of Student Affairs

Ellsworth Community College

Mayor of Iowa Falls


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