Tell Feenstra the people of Ukraine still need help

To the editor:

As I write, it is day 776 of Russia’s war against the people of the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

The Kyiv Independent reports that Ukrainian air defense units destroyed all 20 Shahed-type drones that Russia launched overnight and seaborne Ukraine forces have retaken a set of Black Sea oil drilling platforms severely crippling Russia’s reconnaissance capability in the Black Sea. It is not due to a lack of courage or skill that Ukraine forces cannot stop the slow but steady advancement of the Russians against civilian targets — it is about a lack of basic ammunition and upscaled armaments — all of which the United States of America can provide.

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote in the coming days on a package of support for the people of Ukraine. Our Congressman Feenstra (202-225-4426) needs to hear from his constituents that this country still has the courage and will to support freedom loving citizens across the world that are under direct attack by a ruthless aggressor. He needs to vote for the package. This is not complicated. It is about life, death and doing the right thing.

The Ukranians prove on a daily basis that they are willing to do all the fighting and dying. They just need our material support to achieve victory.

Nancy & Doug Bailey

Webster City


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