Alex Pruismann can step into the big role of sheriff

To the editor:

It is vital that we vote for values in the next Sheriff of Hamilton County election to precede a sheriff who has large shoes to fill.

I believe that Alex Pruismann, being a local Hamilton County resident for his whole life, would bring those needed values.

I speak from a viewpoint as an educator. Deputy Pruismann has spent many a year coming into the schools and showing our younger generation that law enforcement is important and nothing to be afraid of. He spent several years going to each classroom on his own time to do Books and Badges. The children really engaged with him and he was fantastic with them. Being a father of six, he knew how to answer students, and ask them questions.

Alex also accompanied other law enforcement to work on building safety. He is approachable and engaged, and I believe, genuinely committed to governing fairly. I believe he would seek out differing points of view and listen.

Deborah Bergman

Hamilton County elementary school teacher



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