Say no to Summit Carbon Solutions’ proposed expansion

To the editor:

More Iowa landowners: Are you ready for a dangerous CO2 pipeline to go through YOUR land, through YOUR backyard, across the fenceline from YOU (your home, your school, your business, your hospital), near YOUR community?

Summit Carbon Solutions is attempting to expand its range. Recently POET signed a partnership: Those sites would extend Summit’s footprint into at least seven new counties in Iowa, but the precise routes of those extensions are not yet clear.

“The company could not immediately provide an estimate of how many additional miles of pipe will be required. The new locations are near Arthur, Ashton, Coon Rapids, Corning, Emmetsburg, Fairbank, Gowrie, Hanlontown, Iowa Falls, Jewell, Menlo and Shell Rock.”

For those of you who said, “it’s not happening here” or “I’m glad it’s you and not me.” … well. ..

Even if you don’t care about the pipeline and the huge dangers of CO2 at 2100 psi …. do you care about having water in the future? Each of these facilities will require huge amounts of additional water from Iowa’s water sources. Huge, as in BILLIONS OF GALLONS of water EACH YEAR.

Wake up, Iowans. Tell your legislators NO.

Kathy Carter


(formerly of Hamilton County)


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