Medicine ads on TV overwhelming

To the Editor:

It seems like network television is taking up more time in commercials these days.. Thank goodness for the mute button. But I got to noticing all of the meds they are advertising. As the British said when they watched the interview with Harry & Megan, “are all Americans sick?”

In the last couple weeks or so I have kept a list of some of the names I have seen on TV. Here they are in alphabetical order: Austedo, Cabinuva, Coridan, Dovato, Dupixent, Eliquis, Fluzone, Goli, Humira, Ibrance Ingrezza, Kisqali, Nurtec, Otezla, Ozempic, Regeneron, Rinvoq, Rybelsus, Stelara, Sunosi, Tepezza, Trelegy, Trulicity, Verzenio, Vraylor and, of course, Xyzal.

It’s like they take a few consonants, throw in a couple vowels, shake it up and you have a new word for a medizine. It’s even hard to figure out what problem they are addressing. Some grandma or pa playing with a grandchild, or a couple walking dreamily on a beach, because they “want to live longer” Thank goodness I like to watch a lot of shows on PBS. Not one medicine.

Carol Lemon

Webster City


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