Editorial offers no criticism for Trump

To the Editor:

The Los Angeles Times editorial in the March 8th edition was very critical of President Biden for not imposing sanctions against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (who will be referenced as MBS for the rest of this letter) of Saudi Arabia after the report released by the office of Director of National Intelligence on 2/26/21 proving MBS ordered the murder of U. S. journalist Jamal Khashoggi. President Biden had been in office for only 31 days when this report was finally released after having been held up by the Trump Administration since 2019.

President Trump told Bob Woodward when interviewed for Mr. Woodward’s book “Fear” that he “saved MBS’s a–.” He praised MBS a number of times and said “We have become very good friends.” However, this editorial has no criticism of President Trump for hiding the information he knew to be true for years. President Biden is recalibrating the relationship between the two counties in response to the incriminating report. The former president did nothing. Saudi Arabia is the number 2 supplier of foreign oil for the US, in spite of increasing U. S. oil production. Sometimes ugly compromises have to be made in dealing with other countries. Does The Times wish for President Biden to risk our oil supply?

Another editorial printed on March 10th praises Senator Grassley for visiting all 99 counties. He may drive through all 99, but does not have open forums for his constituents to personally meet with him in all of them. Since I heard through friends in 2017 that he had not held a forum in Polk County for 6 years, I have been keeping close tabs on this. Also, I’ve called his office to ask if he ever plans to do so. Their answer is always they are working on it. It still hasn’t happened, which means he has avoided forums in the most populous Iowa county for 10 years. He arrives at the Des Moines airport sometimes and has an office in the Neil Smith Federal Building here, so technically he has physically been in Polk County. This behavior is not exclusive to Polk County. In counties with a large number of Democrats he has private meetings with exclusive Republican clubs, but avoids facing crowds which would challenge him.

Linda Warren

Des Moines


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